Top 15 Graphic Design Trends For 2024: What Will Be Popular This Year?

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As we step into 2024, the graphic design landscape is brimming with new trends. But with so many emerging styles, it can be overwhelming to pinpoint which ones will be truly impactful. 

Many designers have already adapted to these trends to connect with their target audiences in fresh ways and build strong brand identities. If you’re not keeping up, you’re missing out.

I’ve prepared a list of the top 15 graphic design trends in 2024 that my web design agency in Chicago is paying close attention to. These are standout trends that are reshaping the industry right now

By the end of this article, you’ll clearly understand each trend and its appeal to the audience. This insight will empower you to infuse these 2024 graphic design trends into your work, ensuring your designs are not just current but also future-proof.

Let’s start!

Table of Contents:
Graphic design trends 2024

Trend 1: Bento Boxes Are A Must-Try 2024 Graphic Design Trend

Ever since Apple started using bento box style to promote its products, this trend has been growing. Graphic design trends predictions suggest that it will be more popular than ever in 2024. Considering how modern and functional bento box design can be, its popularity doesn’t surprise me.

Inspired by the Japanese lunchbox, the bento boxes help you organize content into clear, distinct sections on a webpage or digital layout. Each section is like a mini-container, holding a piece of content – text, images, or videos – in an organized, visually appealing way. This design ensures every part stands out on its own while still fitting harmoniously into the overall layout.

Bento boxes display equally nicely on mobile and desktop devices, making them an ideal choice for creating responsive layouts.

Bento box trend

Using this style, you can also organize your content in a visually pleasing hierarchy.

And since big companies are already following this graphic design trend, people are already well-versed in navigating bento layouts.

There’s no reason not to experiment with bento boxes on your following graphic design projects.

Trend 2: Pixel Art Is Making a Comeback In Graphic Design

Pixel art graphic design trend

Remember the pixelated characters from old-school video games? Surprisingly, in 2024, pixel art is making a significant comeback in graphic design despite technological advancements that have long surpassed early graphic limitations.

With its distinctive blocky appearance, pixel graphic design offers a retro charm that’s hard to ignore. Many graphic designers have already successfully combined this style with modern, high-quality graphics. It’s a surprising blend of retro nostalgia and modern sophistication, and users react positively to it.

This graphic design trend celebrates the beauty of minimalism and constraints, proving that sometimes the most engaging visuals are born from simplicity. Whether for web design, animation, branding, or even packaging, pixel art offers a distinctively playful and nostalgic feel that can bring a unique character to any project.

So, if you love pixel art, don’t be afraid to experiment with it during your next web design project. You can use pixel art to create interactive backgrounds, navigation elements, or even entire web pages. Pixel art graphic design is particularly effective for tech companies, creative agencies, or brands looking to project a playful, creative image.

Trend 3: Experimental Typography Will Be Key To Communicating Your Brand Values

Experimental typography trend

Experimental typography is trending in 2024, as more and more graphic designers started ignoring general guidelines and creating fonts that don’t fit neatly into any traditional typographic category.

Understanding why is typography important in web design is crucial in this context. The right typography can elevate a brand’s presence online, making it more memorable and engaging. It’s not just about readability; it’s about creating an emotional connection with the audience and conveying your brand message.

This trend is about breaking boundaries and injecting personality into every character, making each word an essential part of visual storytelling.

Trend 4: Retro Graphic Design Is Another Trend To Watch Out In 2024

Retro graphic design trend

In 2024, retro graphic design will make a big impact as professionals continue to draw inspiration from vintage design styles.

This trend is particularly effective in branding, marketing, and web design, where a retro touch can make a brand stand out. Whether through vintage color palettes, retro typography, or old-school imagery, retro design elements can uniquely flavor digital and print media. It’s about creating a sense of warmth and comfort, reminding audiences of simpler times while still delivering a modern user experience.

The key is to strike the right balance – blending the old with the new to create something that feels both timeless and fresh.

Retro graphics are also one of the logo trends for 2024, so pay close attention to it.

Trend 5: Retro Futurism Graphic Design Will Be Even More Popular In 2024

The retro-futurism design trend has been going around since the 80s and is increasingly taking over different industries, from pop culture and entertainment to art and social media. This trend implies combining futuristic technologies and styles with old-fashioned designs.

The blend of retro and futuristic graphic design creates a nostalgic yet exciting vibe. Designers can unleash their creativity and use vintage fonts, glitch effects, holograms, neon colors, and other design styles to build unique aesthetics that evoke nostalgia and innovation. 

Why is retro futurism graphic design becoming so popular? Studies have already shown the power of nostalgia marketing. When you play the nostalgia card, it brings people back to simpler times, relieving the feeling of uncertainty about the future. Nostalgia can help brands foster feelings of belonging and purpose among their clients. 

Nostalgic feelings typically make individuals more willing to pay for consumer goods or services, making retro-futuristic design a winning marketing strategy. 

Trend 6: Minimalism Through High-Contrast and Bold Typography – Make Your Graphic Designs Eye-Catching and Accessible

Minimalism trend

The appeal of minimalist graphic design continues to thrive, and at the heart of this trend lies the power of high-contrast and bold typography.

High-contrast typography, with its sharp color differences, makes the text stand out starkly against backgrounds, ensuring the message is clear and easy to read. This is crucial in web and digital design, where readability across various devices and screen sizes is essential.

Bold typography, on the other hand, is all about making a statement. It’s about using weighty, impactful fonts that grab attention and convey messages with authority and confidence. Bold typography is becoming an increasingly popular choice for headline design.

The combination of high contrast and bold typefaces in minimalistic designs creates a striking visual impact. It cuts through the noise and clutter of the digital world, allowing brands to communicate their message succinctly and effectively. 

Trend 7: Maximalist Graphic Design – Is It Time To Break The Rules?

Maximalism example

Minimalistic graphic design has long been a norm among professionals – and it will probably remain a go-to choice in 2024, too.

However, it might be the perfect time to position your brand as different and apply some maximalist graphic design principles in your work. 

Many graphic design trends predictions suggest that maximalism is about to make a big comeback in 2024. There seems to be an increasing number of digital material that follows the ‘more is more mentality.’ 

Maximalist art is rich in colors, textures, patterns, and complex layouts. However, maximalism graphic design is far from creating clutter or chaos; it’s a deliberate and thoughtful layering of various elements to create designs that are deeply immersive and visually compelling.

I’m excited to see how it will impact the graphic design industry in 2024 and which brands are about to embrace it.

Trend 8: Motion Graphic Design – Make Your Website Feel More Alive

Motion graphics

There are not many better ways to create modern UI design than bringing motion to your graphic design elements. It’s also never been easier to create this type of graphic design due to the advancements in motion design UI tools we’re witnessing.

But why is motion graphic design becoming increasingly popular in 2024?

Movement catches the eye and can convey complex ideas in an intuitive way. When elements on a website move, they create a more immersive experience for the user. This can help you stand out and make your brand memorable.

Motion graphics are also an excellent way to demonstrate that your brand is playful and approachable. So, there’s no reason not to experiment with this graphic design trend in 2024.

Trend 9: 3D Graphic Design Takes The Spotlight Again – With One Big Advantage This Time

3D graphics trend

3D graphic design is making a big comeback in 2024. And this time, it has much better odds to reshape the industry.

Although three-dimensional graphics were always attractive, creating them was a really painful process. Now, due to software innovations, it’s much easier to create attractive 3D graphics and incorporate them into your web design.

Whether through realistic product mockups, engaging interactive web elements, or visually stunning backgrounds, the 3D design offers a level of realism and engagement that traditional 2D graphics can’t match.

It might be the perfect time to create lifelike visuals that capture the audience’s attention and enhance the overall user experience. 3D will likely be one of the most notable 2024 graphic design trends, so I look forward to exploring its opportunities with Alpha Efficiency.

Trend 10: Gradients Are A Popular Choice For Backgrounds Again

Gradients trend

Are you tired of using one color for your website background? 2024 Graphic design trends predictions suggest that gradients are your safe bet for spicing things up.

These smooth transitions from one shade to another can infuse depth and dynamism into your designs.

The subtle or bold blend of colors can create a sense of movement and space, transforming a flat background into something that feels alive and interactive. Consumers seem to love it.

You won’t make a mistake even if you make gradients the main element of your brand identity system. It’s likely that companies will increasingly start using gradient graphic design in their logos and UI design elements.

Trend 11: A Mixture Of Media And Hand-Draw

Hand-drawn and media

Keeping up with styles that will be fused, in 2024, we’ll see the clash of media and hand-rendered elements. 

With the wave of artificial intelligence in design, more people will be looking for a human touch in graphic design and digital products. This intriguing new style fusion will lead to designers playing with different tools, techniques, elements, and materials. 

Everyone will yearn for authenticity, making it the ideal opportunity for businesses to enhance their brand identity through hand-drawn elements. Design studios that collaborate with drawing artists will make the most out of this new trend. The collaboration can lead to designs that capture their clients’ essence, creating bespoke and engaging visuals that attract more clients. 

Trend 12: Nature-Inspired Graphic Design Is Becoming Popular Among Luxury Brands

Nature-inspired graphic design

Natural graphic design will regain the spotlight in 2024 and the following years.

The combination of nature and graphic design is known as biodesign. The use of nature’s patterns, nature-inspired textures, neutral color details, and sustainability characterizes this style. Biodesign adds a touch of sophistication to designs, evoking feelings of tranquility and elegance, perfect for attracting premium clients.

This trend inspires mindfulness and well-being, making it ideal for wellness and beauty sites and luxury website design.

This trend is closely connected to the organic shapes design, which is the complete opposite of the trend we’ll explore next…

Trend 13: Geometric Graphic Design Is Gaining Popularity For Creating Playful and Organized Aesthetics

Geometric trend

Creating geometric graphic design is an excellent way to fuse playfulness with an organized look of your user interfaces. This trend involves using geometric shapes – circles, squares, triangles, and polygons – to create visually striking and meticulously structured designs.

It can range from simple, minimalistic patterns to complex, intricate arrangements that captivate the eye.

This makes geometric shapes a viable option, whether you’re aiming for a minimalistic or maximalist look.

Geometric designs can convey a range of emotions and concepts, depending on how they are used. For instance, circles can evoke a sense of unity and inclusiveness, while squares and rectangles can represent stability and reliability.

Additionally, you can use shapes to draw attention to key messages or call-to-action buttons, making them effective tools for user engagement.

Trend 14: Generative Art Is Reshaping Graphic Design In 2024

The graphic design landscape is being revolutionized by the emergence of generative art, a trend at the intersection of technology and creativity. This form of art, powered by the rapid evolution of AI graphic design tools, is opening new opportunities for web designers.

Artificial intelligence graphic design is gaining traction for its ability to produce unique, intricate patterns and visuals that would be incredibly time-consuming, if not impossible, to create by hand. As a graphic designer, all you need to do is write prompts, and the AI will generate art based on your guidelines.

Generative art is becoming one of the emerging graphic design trends in 2024 due to the unpredictability and creative potential it unlocks. It allows you to experiment with complex designs and explore new aesthetics by combining artificial intelligence graphic design with human touch.

Trend 15: Vibrant Colors Are Becoming Even More Popular Among Designers

Neon hues and highly saturated tones are becoming the go-to choices for designers aiming to create eye-catching and energetic web designs. Neon colors and high saturation bring a level of vibrancy and energy to web pages that is hard to ignore.

However, balance and contrast are the key to successfully integrating vibrant colors into web design. It’s important to pair these bright colors with neutral tones or use them strategically as accents to avoid overwhelming the user. When done right, the use of vibrant colors can make a website not only visually stunning but also memorable and engaging.

This trend celebrates boldness and energy, making it a perfect choice for brands that are on the rise.

Graphic Design Trends 2024: It’s Your Turn To Adapt

It’s your turn to adapt and integrate these 2024 graphic design trends into your work. Each trend offers unique advantages, whether it’s in creating a connection with your audience, conveying your brand’s personality, or making your designs more engaging and interactive.

But the most important thing to remember is that these trends should serve you as inspiration, not as rigid templates you’ll follow mindlessly. Use these trends as a starting point to spark your imagination, then blend them with your unique style and ideas. All your graphic design work must be tailored to your unique audience and brand values.


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