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Alpha Efficiency is miles ahead of the competition thanks to our specialized team of PPC account managers. Whether you wish to increase your website traffic or conversion rate, our PPC agency Chicago will deliver a paid search campaign to maximize your ROI.

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Hire our Google Ads Agency in Chicago And Give Your Brand First Page Exposure on Google SERP

Google Ads is an unmatched source of prospective leads and customers, reaching more than 90% of internet users worldwide.

Google holds 90% of the search market and processes over 3.5 billion searches a day, making it the perfect avenue to build awareness for your brand and business. For queries with high commercial intent, sponsored ads take 2 out of 3 clicks on the first page.

Our professionals over at PPC agency Chicago will create and manage online marketing campaigns tailored specifically to meet your company’s aspirations. Our PPC services include:

“Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.” (Beth Comstock, Former CMO & Vice Chair, GE)

PPC is much more than just a “set it and forget it” strategy that picks up pace over time. It is instead an ongoing process that requires regular adjustments to produce the best possible results. When done right, it generates leads and conversions at a high rate. Unfortunately, we have seen way too many businesses invest in PPC campaigns but fail to achieve a positive ROI over the years. Among other reasons, the most common one is putting an emphasis on clicks instead of conversions. This kind of practice can increase the publisher’s revenue but will do little for your own. This is why it is vital to choose your PPC managers wisely and settle down for nothing less than a positive POI and high conversion rates.

If you are a business owner, you are well aware of the amount of time you have to spend daily on managing your business. Running a PPC campaign requires commitment and focus. Years of experience have assured us that building a PPC campaign from the ground up is much more cost-effective than relying on built-in recommendations and strategies such as targeting expansion in Google Ads and max CPC bidding.

Our strategy relies on data,
not guesses

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When setting up PPC campaigns, there is no “one size fits all” formula. Every industry requires a different approach. Experts at our PPC agency Chicago use Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush to generate keyword ideas specific to your line of business. We utilize the competitive data that these tools provide to craft a campaign that fits your specific goals as well as your budget. Additionally, our web design agency in Chicago works together with PPC managers and uses Display ads to create alluring banners that scream for interaction. Schedule a call to get your custom-made Google, Facebook, Bing, Outbrain, or Taboola PPC campaign.

Creative without strategy is called “art.” Creative with strategy is called “advertising.” (Jef I. Richards)

Ads Company

Our Facebook advertising services can help your business build an array of online followers on the world’s biggest social media network, thus increasing your brand awareness, lead and customer generation, and revenue.

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. (Jeff Bezos)

Facebook has a massive audience of over two billion monthly users. This is why a well-organized Facebook ads campaign that combines advanced targeting options and diverse ad types is a must-have for businesses that aim for growth and expansion. PPC agency Chicago offers Facebook ad management services that help your company take complete advantage of this social media giant. This includes creating a comprehensive strategy, writing ad copies, launching ads, and monitoring their performance. We’ve listed some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when partnering up with Alpha Efficiency:

  • Increased brand awareness via Facebook
  • More time to spare while we manage your Facebook ads campaign
  • Expert advice from our Facebook advertising staff
  • Optimized ad clicks, ad spend, and conversions
  • An edge over your competitors

Paid Search Advertising

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising. (Mark Twain)

Companies that don’t use paid search advertising are at risk of missing out on a huge number of business opportunities. Your competitors are already targeting your customers through their campaigns. Creating the right ads for the right audience and targeting people looking for values that your company represents is vital for success.

When the competition gets fierce, you need a reliable partner to manage your campaign in a way that keeps the costs down and conversion rates up. PPC agency Chicago will ensure your paid search advertising brings an increased ROI to your company by using illustrative Google Ads sitelinks and alluring ad content. We’ll wisely allocate your advertising budget by utilizing the most targeted and cost-effective form of marketing for your site.

Video Advertising

All successful businesses have one thing in common: Effective advertising. As the world turns digital, companies that strive for success need an experienced digital marketing agency that uses data to fuel creativity to navigate the digital landscape.

Creativity is intelligence having fun. (Albert Einstein)

Our expertise in online marketing includes video advertising as well. We will create engaging video advertisements geared toward building your online reputation and increasing your company’s presence. Alpha Efficiency employs strategic thinking to generate the results you are looking for. We will also refresh your current campaigns in case you are not satisfied with the results.

Display Ads

Display advertising is one of the most used forms of online marketing. When done in the right way, it has the power to draw in your ideal customers and allure them to click through to your landing page. Whether your goal is to generate product awareness, promote your brand, or increase leads or sales numbers, PPC agency Chicago will create a display ads campaign that will help you reach these milestones and make meaningful connections with your customers. We’ll ensure that your ads are shown to the most receptive audience through targeted display advertising, thus sending the most relevant traffic to your website. Our PPC managers will constantly monitor your advertising campaign and make adjustments when necessary to achieve better results.

Social Media Advertising

Don’t push people to where you want to be; meet them where they are. (Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP Marketing, HubSpot)

Alpha Efficiency is one of the leading social media marketing agencies dedicated to providing impactful business growth to clients via social media services. Each social media platform has its advantages and a unique way of connecting with leads. This is why businesses from almost every branch of industry can benefit from this form of marketing.

PPC agency Chicago has the knowledge and resources to accommodate anyone from small companies to large corporations with fluctuating advertising budgets. Social media platforms account for 30% of the time spent on the internet. However, it is vital to choose a platform that will allow your company to get in touch with the most relevant audience. Our social media specialists will help you make the right choice and apply content that presents all the unique aspects of your business that sets your product apart from competitors.

PPC Remarketing

PPC agency Chicago delivers competitive remarketing campaigns that transform paying customers into recurring customers. With almost a decade of providing exceptional results and unmatched experiences to our clients, our industry-leading remarketing services can help your business monetize its online presence.

A good advertisement is one that sells the product without drawing attention to itself. (David Ogilvy)

Remarketing campaigns are a powerful tool for increasing revenue since it offers your company another chance to entice users to purchase your product. Thoughtfully orchestrated proactive remarketing campaigns that target and re-engage prospects as they move down the sales funnel will help you always keep your brand on top of your customers’ minds. Our account managers will create ad copy that addresses your future customers’ needs, wants, and concerns by using website analytics and cross-referencing the data we collect with your target audience. Our custom ad strategies, advanced technology, and seasoned advertising team are sure to provide your customers with an unparalleled experience.

Keyword Research Services

When it comes to attracting high-quality traffic, using the right keyword will bring you much better results and a higher Google Ads quality score than simply overcrowding your ad copy with multiple keywords. Keyword research involves finding relevant keywords that your competitors are searching for, so you always stay a step ahead. However, the only downside is that this process takes a lot of time and resources. This includes using the right tools to pull keyword data, organizing keywords in a spreadsheet, doing search intent analysis, as well as filtering out any irrelevant keywords.

The difference between the almost right word and the right word is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning. (Mark Twain)

With searcher behavior and volume constantly shifting, smaller companies usually get stuck redoing this laborious task. There is only so much a man can do. With Alpha Efficiency by your side, you are entitled to set your goals high. Thanks to tools such as SEMRush and Google Keyword Planner, our team focuses on finding high-intent product and service keywords to target throughout your campaign.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the subject, feel free to visit our PPC knowledge base.

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