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Alpha Efficiency is a full-service web design solution for your business. With experts in all facets of web development, our company will transform your vision into deliverables.

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“You have less than 7 seconds to make a first impression.” (Forbes)

Some companies simply design websites. Our web development agency Chicago provides premium website development, Wordpress maintenance, and around-the-clock support. We work with our clients to deliver custom-coded, lightning-fast, and fully SEO-optimized websites that elevate user experience to the next level.

If you are not satisfied with your current level of website performance, we also offer website redesign services to boost your conversion rates and improve business revenue. Are you looking to expand your business? Our experts will build a website from the ground up with your end goals in mind.

Navigating busy online streets is easier with a trustworthy partner by your side. Alpha Efficiency is there for all of your front-end and back-end development needs. With our expertise in WordPress, e-Commerce, Magento, Joomla, and Drupal websites, you will be set for an ROI that exceeds your expectations.

We specialize in custom themes using the Roots Sage theme for WordPress. Schedule a call to make that first impression on your clients a lasting one.

Web Development Services For Premium Websites

  • Client-side technologies
    • Front-end development
    • Building reusable components
    • CSS Frameworks (Bootstrap, Tailwind, Bulma)
    • JavaScript
    • Animations
  • Server-side technologies:
    • Fetching data
    • Databases
    • Node.js
    • PHP
  • JavaScript Frameworks (Vue, React, AngularJS, Svelte)
  • Website Development
  • WordPress Hosting Support
  • Front-End and Back-End Development
  • Python Web Development
  • E-Commerce Website Development
  • Shopify Web Design
  • Website Migrations
  • PHP Web Development
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • HTML5 Web Development
  • AngularJS Development
  • Dynamic Landing Pages
  • Web Programming
  • Mobile Web Development

Website Development

Our web development agency Chicago will turn your idea into a custom website. No matter how complex your idea may be, we got you covered. Every step of development is stored in our Git repository and can be easily accessed at any given time. Over the years, our original web development service content and custom solutions for any size business have generated numerous growth opportunities for our clients. We thrive on a challenge.

Not sure what Git is? Check out our Git-related articles at our Blog!

Front-End development

Client-side development is the field where we truly shine. At Alpha Efficiency, we build visually impressive and immersive websites that not only look great but also feature an interface that provides ease of use and seamless navigation. We believe that a website is more than a business asset, so we approach it as an experience. Our web development experts master various programming languages such as Java, CSS, and HTML to shape your company’s story.

PHP Web Development

PHP is a web design language created for database interaction. Over at web development agency Chicago, we pride ourselves on the years of experience our staff has in creating stunning mobile apps and sites. Our PHP professionals will meet your every need and design and develop a website specifically tailored to reach your business objectives.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has. (Margaret Mead)

E-Commerce Development

Hire our web development agency Chicago and entrust us with your e-Commerce website development. Our talented developers are aware of all the complexities involved in an e-Commerce website creation process and understand the importance of providing a great user experience to your customers and its effect on sales numbers.

Shopify Web Design

A Shopify website is an excellent tool for reaching a wide audience with product descriptions and advertising messages. With its array of apps and themes, Shopify powers a huge number of e-Commerce websites around the globe. Our seasoned developers will apply the latest web design trends to build an online store that can support your future growth and expansion plans.

JavaScript and jQuery web development

Our web development team is very prolific in using JavaScript and jQuery to create websites with radiant design complexity and immersive user experience. Besides alluring visuals, applying best SEO services & practices will ensure that your website performs flawlessly and ranks high on search engine result pages.

Python Web Development

At Alpha Efficiency, we use various Python web development frameworks to bring large and complex websites closer to users and provide seamless navigation. We also excel at creating custom scripts to crawl data from various social media platforms. Your visitors will enjoy the time they spend on your website, and search engines such as Google will award you with a high ranking spot.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people. (Steve Jobs)


Many of our clients stress the importance of having custom-made web applications for their business. Thanks to our knowledge in working with AngularJS, we were able to develop multiple video streaming and social applications that help our clients conduct their business on a daily basis.

Web Programming

Our web programming team is composed of some of the most knowledgeable young people the industry has to offer. We will adjust the technical side of the process to meet our clients’ needs in the best way possible and deliver products of outstanding quality and functionality.

HTML5 Web Development

The functionality and options available make HTML5 one of the best programming languages for developing websites, web applications, as well as mobile apps. Our web development agency Chicago uses HTML5 to deliver products that feature professional appeal and quality without sacrificing functionality and speed. Whether you need a custom design of an HTML5 website with stunning graphics and imagery, or a complete front-end to back-end solution for your business, our experts are there to assist with your project.

Mobile Web Development

Mobile devices generate over 50% of global website traffic. (Statista)

With so many people using handheld devices for browsing, it has become extremely important for businesses to have websites that provide a uniform experience on both mobile and desktop. At our web design agency in Chicago, we are experts in utilizing both responsive and adaptive web design to ensure that your website content is formatted perfectly regardless of the platform your visitors use so you wouldn’t miss out on any business opportunity that may arise.

Dynamic Landing Pages

Our agency specializes in creating dynamic landing pages that help our clients increase their conversion rates. Dynamic landing pages are customized for individual users, which makes them one of the most effective digital marketing assets. A recent study by Microsoft showed that the average human attention span dropped to only 8 seconds. This means it is becoming increasingly challenging for website owners to keep their users engaged. With a landing page that speaks to each individual visitor, your website will be able to convert more customers than ever.

Website Migration and Hosting Support

Website migrations tend to be overwhelming for most businesses. Besides the amount of work that goes into them, migrations can also endanger your data and SEO efforts. Our web development agency Chicago will migrate your website in an SEO-friendly fashion, ensuring that it doesn’t lose organic visibility and rankings.

Want to learn more? Continue reading about web development at our Blog.

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