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Creating an eCommerce store in a competitive environment means making a new way for your sales and an opportunity to grow your business. Imagine your website as an online window-shop. There will be more visitors than you could ever possibly assumed and could take your business from local to a global market. That means that your website will be the very first step in communicating your brand and products to your customers and that the web design services of your eCommerce store will be a key factor for making conversions and sales on your website.

In this article, you will find out why the design of your web shop is such important in scaling your business online and how you can get this specific look that sells.

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How to make your eCommerce store looking trustworthy and more professional?

The lack of communication in person means that you have to build customers’ trust with the help of a visual identity of your brand, which will create their opinions and encourage them to finish the shopping on your website. Using visual content in the right way could increase conversion rates up to three times. Quality product photos are an absolute must, while videos showing your products in real space or 360° product views present an additional option for increasing conversion rates.

Don’t save on web design services if you want a profitable eCommerce store

Functionality is another very important element in building trust in your online store, and here are some elements that will certainly work convincingly on your customers:

  • Clear and simple design,
  • Logically organized product pages, listings, and categories
  • Detailed product descriptions,
  • Number of reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Chat Support
  • An easy mode of moving and paying through your website
  • Clearly explained conditions of the complaint and the returning policy
  • Visible contact details connected to your business.
  • Implementation of SSL certificates and other credentials that will guarantee a safe purchase

This task is not simple, and the safest way to fulfill it is to consult a professional web design agency that will provide you high-quality eCommerce web design services.

Here is how our web design agency in Chicago could help you create an amazing eCommerce store and help you attain your business goals.

Mobile first design

One of our first eCommerce web design services concern will be whether your website and an eCommerce store have a responsive design. Responsive web design enables automatic adjustments of your website to different browsers and screen sizes. No matter what device the customer uses, your website has to fit on the mobile screen perfectly. You don’t want your customer to leave the cart before the purchase is done, just because your e-store is not mobile-friendly.

M-Commerce is fast-growing, and by predictions of Statista.com, in 2021, 53.9% of all e-commerce is expected to be originated from m-commerce. This data is also supported by a Google report where 59% of shoppers approved that being able to shop on mobile is important when deciding which brand or retailer to buy from. It is also noticeable that even social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have launched the “buy button”, which enables their users to buy the wanted product without leaving the platform.

Massive usage of mobile devices will beyond doubt change the users’ shopping habits and apparently surpass the desktop e-sales results.

How to decide whether you need a template or a custom web design?

One of the most common questions connected to eCommerce web design services is should you choose a templated eCommerce website or decide on a custom web design. This decision is conditioned by parameters such as:

  • How much time do you need to launch an eCommerce store?
  • How much flexibility do you require and need for your eCommerce store?
  • How would you like your eCommerce store to appear to others?

Answering all those questions and brainstorming it with our team dedicated to eCommerce web design services, will give you the right solution to this dilemma.

Templates could be a perfect fit for all those eCommerce stores with a limited number of products that require basic functionalities and don’t plan on SEO. Templates can save a lot of time because options for developing them are bounded and in many ways, it will determine the final look of your eCommerce store.

3 Biggest Flaws of Choosing a template

All these benefits come with a few big caveats. Templates are one of those instances where you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  1. Slower site speed Templates are oftentimes heavy on code, especially when it comes to e-commerce. This leads to lengthy time
  2. Coding and changes constraints Professional developers don’t deal with 3rd party code. There are no incentives for developers to learn how to work strictly with your selected template. All Developers take their careers very seriously, and showcasing template work doesn’t benefit their career paths, and what job providers are typically looking for.
  3. Continuity risks – Templates need to have teams behind them that are responsible. If the dev team behind the template falls off in maintaining it, your template may stop working.

Here at Alpha Efficiency, we typically advise against templates for mature and serious businesses that rely on their web performance for their revenue, especially when considering search engine optimization and ecommerce website design.

An extra and unexpected problem might be related to CSM updates that are in some cases out of the developers’ control. This can be particularly challenging for digital marketers who need to adjust strategies based on website capabilities.

On the other hand, custom-designed websites and ecommerce platforms are perfectly suitable for stores with a vast number of products that demands a fully customizable website that guarantees complete control over your content. Such ecommerce solutions offer the flexibility needed for ever-evolving online stores. A custom-designed website is an ideal choice for those business owners who are aware of the fact that a successful eCommerce business needs constant improvements, changes, and the possibility of adding new features. Perhaps, the most important benefit of a custom-designed website is a functionality that provides full SEO optimization across different browsers, and these positions could be crucial for your business visibility and success.

User experience is also recognized as a significant factor that could direct you to a custom-designed website. Don’t forget that your website represents the main communication channel for your brand. Innumerable short-impressions over your website significantly support not only the brand but actions on your website.

Creating a good user experience on your website helps you with a very important metric that has a huge impact on website ROI, and this metric is called Cart Abandonment Rate. The abandonment rate shows how often a customer leaves a web shopping cart before finishing a purchase. Cart abandonment rate could be improved by creating a specific user experience and make the checkout process much easier for the customer.

What our eCommerce web design services imply and what benefits your business could attain?

Designing a website is in some way designing a business model that is dedicated to the growth of your business, and this is why we take it so seriously.

The very first step is meeting with our design team and mapping all the needs of your business, budgeting, and setting a time frame for delivering the project. By jointed efforts of our expert team consisting of UI / UX designers, graphic designers, and developers we will build for you an amazing eCommerce store that will provide you multiple wins such as:

  • Unique design and brand voice
  • Customer trust
  • Mobile friendly website
  • Increased conversions
  • Prompt ROI
  • Future support and advice on current trends that will keep you at the top.

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