Ecommerce PPC management: Find the right customer for your business

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Once you’ve opened your eCommerce store, the very next step is to get the right customers to your online business and start driving relevant traffic. Choosing the right strategy for the acquisition of your ideal buyers could be crucial for your sales. In the following article, we will reveal how eCommerce PPC management and ads can increase your sales and get you to the right customer.

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Ecommerce PPC management: Find the right customer for your business

What is eCommerce PPC management, and why is it so important for your e-commerce business?

An increased number of orders and sales overall is one of the main aims of business owners and marketers as well. The best and fastest solution for achieving this specific goal could be hiring experienced PPC marketers that will make a tailor-made PPC strategy and budget for your business. Paid search advertising, better known as Pay-per-click advertising (PPC), could help your eCommerce store reach greater visibility, brand awareness, website visits, and instant sales.

How to set the result-driven Ad Campaign

Here is the list of steps on how the eCommerce PPC management team will make your an efficient ad to the right customer.

Setting the goals

The very first step is setting the goals you want to achieve with your PPC campaign and what exactly that goal would imply:

  • Increased online orders and sales
  • Generating the leads with a final objective of converting them to customers.
  • Brand awareness, especially appropriate aim for new businesses that have just stepped on the market.

But these goals can be measured only if the proper analytics and conversion tracking has been set. This involves a technical team of developers with marketing experience to implement Google Tag Manager and other scripts in a way that won’t block the code from actively allowing it to track the behavior.

PPC Keyword Research

Identifying the keywords your customers search for could be a determining factor in campaign success. Do your customers search for:

  • your brand name,
  • a specific term closely related to your service or product
  • long-tail keywords describing the product your potential customers search for
  • keywords that competitors use for similar products to yours
  • creating a list of negative keywords

If you want to learn more about this, we have great article about keyword research service on our blog.

Choosing the right channel for your ad campaign

Analyzing which media channel will be the most suitable for your target audience. Would it be Google, Bing, should we focus on platforms where we can put display ads or we could count on social media advertising channels?

Measuring the Campaign Results

Conversion Metrics will be the best indicator showing the real results an ad campaign has attained. Which keywords are working best and actually lead us to conversions, on which keywords we should focus and increase our ROI? But still, measuring of success of an ad campaign is not only about the keywords. Our eCommerce PPC management team will also take into consideration indicators such as average ad positions, click-through rate, cost per click, number of leads, calls, and sales.

How to choose the right PPC strategy?

One of the most common questions we come across when communicating with our customers is do people really click on paid ads. The answer is – yes. Furthermore, in reports that are done by Search Engine Land, 75% of respondents said that paid ads make it easier to find the piece of information they are looking for, while 33% of respondents said that they click on paid ads because it directly sends them to their search query.

Considering your business size, industry, sales funnel, competition, and final goals our team can provide many PPC services and strategies that will grow your online business and sales. Combined with SEO optimization which is a long-term strategy we strongly recommend, using some of the following channels could be the winning element of your PPC strategy.

Search Ads

Ads that will show to your potential customers, in Google or Bing, when a specific search is done for the term connected to your product or service. Those ads are in the form of text ads, and even 49% of people said that they click on a text ad.

Google Smart Shopping Campaigns

Those ads put your product right in front of your shoppers, above the organic search results. Smart Shopping Campaigns are showing not only on Google Search but also show ads on Display Network, Gmail, and Youtube, in a form that includes product images. The results made by using this kind of campaign are immediate, especially if your business is in retail.

Display Ads

Display ads could be set over various platforms, including Google Display Network, Youtube, or Social Media Channels. Those ads are mostly shown to the customers while browsing other sites.

Social Media Advertising

Social media channels could be a great way of taking your customers to your eCommerce store. In favor of this, stands the fact that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat have already introduced the possibility of shopping directly from their platforms without the necessity of leaving any of them. Furthermore, the predictions on the growth of social commerce impact on online sales seem to be convincing. It is believed that by 2021 the social commerce market will increase by 34%, while 30% of survey respondents have said they would buy the product directly from any of the mentioned social platforms.

Youtube Advertising

Another important result comes from Youtube statistics that have recorded over 40% of global shoppers who have said they have purchased products they discovered on YouTube. After Google, Youtube represents the second biggest search engine and compared to standard banner ads, potential customers are more likely to click through video 27 times. So, when one of our goals is set to attain brand awareness, Youtube advertising should definitely be taken into consideration.


Last but not least, and maybe one of the most important strategies for influencing your customers to buy your product. Using remarketing means that all set ads will be shown to the customer who has already visited your eCommerce store or any of the social media pages. Remarketing is often considered as focused advertising. Remarketing allows us to track the behaviors of the customers and target those who, for example, for some reason, have put the product into a chart but didn’t finish their purchase. This advertising method gives a chance to remind them of our product and brand as well.

The Next Step in Finding the right customer

With our term of experienced PPC marketers, we will develop an efficient strategy, manage it, and execute it, in order to find you the right customer with the help of an ad.

Setup a time to talk with our PPC agency in Chicago, and we’ll start increasing your ROAS and other competitive metrics pertinent to your business.


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