Logo Trends 2024: Top 9 Styles That Will Dominate This Year

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Logo design trends are constantly changing as new styles emerge and old ones resurge. As we step into 2024, it is crucial for logo designers to be aware of the latest trends to create attractive and authentic logos for their clients.

The key to creating top-quality logos is staying current with design trends. Since design trends never stop changing, you can’t stop learning.

Today, I bring you the top 9 logo trends of 2024. My Los Angeles web design agency is already using these trends to design powerful logos that carry out our clients’ brand identities. In this article, you will learn which trends will be most impactful this year and which ones work better to display your clients’ brands’ visual identity.

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logo trends 2024

Why Logos Are The Key Element In Any Business Branding

The importance of a business logo is often overlooked by many new companies. They will ask designers to use the 2024 graphic design trends to optimize their social media profiles and create a visually appealing website design, but they don’t think they need to request a professional logo design.

At some point, all business owners realize the crucial role logos play in the overall success of a brand strategy. Hopefully, they will realize that soon, so they can invest time and resources in a well-crafted logo that boosts brand engagement and marketing opportunities.

Let’s take a look at what a professional logo can do for a business or personal brand:

Make A Good First Impression

The saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a good impression.” Today, users’ attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. They will only take a look at your website for a few seconds before forming an opinion about it, and they’ll decide to stay or leave.

Businesses must exploit those precious seconds to appeal to and engage their audiences. What better way to make a first good impression than with an outstanding, well-designed logo?

It Is The Heart Of Your Brand Identity

Successful branding tells the brand’s story to influence customers’ emotions and lead them to connect with your business.

The logo may just be a part of your overall branding campaign, but it is also a fundamental part.  Through fonts, color choices, shapes, and other logo design elements, a company’s logo must set the scene for telling the brand’s story. All the other branding materials – website, landing pages, social media, business cards, and more – will follow those logo elements to create a concrete, accurate story.

Having said that, the logo should be the first thing you design for a brand. Your business logo will guide many other design and brand decisions. That is why it is critical to develop a logo design that truthfully conveys your brand’s identity.

Strengthen Your Business Message

Your logo is the best way to communicate your message and mission to your target audience without using words.

Your audience will know what type of industry you are in, the type of services your business provides, and your values just by looking at your logo. With a well-crafted logo design, you can express the overall feeling of your brand within seconds.

Top 9 Logo Trends 2024 Designers Should Watch For

Logo design trends shift from year to year. Some trends are classics that never go out of style, while others disappear to later make an unexpected but huge comeback.

Designers should be constantly on the lookout for emerging trends they can use to create unique logos for their clients. Whether you are designing a logo from scratch for a small business or working on a logo redesign, these are the logo trends of 2024 that are going to take over in the following months. Use them wisely to take advantage of their marketability and make your logo design stand out from the crowd.

Art Deco Logo: A Trend All Luxury Brands Will Claim

Art Deco logo trend

If there is one style that is set to make a comeback in 2024, it is Art Deco design. This style never really faded away; we still can appreciate its characteristic bold geographic shades and loud colors in modern architecture  – with the Empire State as its icon – and numerous brands’ designs. However, this year, this trend from the 1920s is determined to own the logo design scene.

Distinguished by its geometric patterns, a mix of straight lines and exaggerated curves, zigzags, and bold colors, the Art Deco logo has been used by luxury brands for decades to give their businesses a fashionist and timeless appeal.

Art Deco design is not just a style; it is a statement of elegance and sophistication. We will see it in many classy website designs. This is the logo trend all premium and luxury brands will be requesting throughout the entire year and beyond. So, make sure to get acquainted with this style, especially if you work with high-end brands, because they will most definitely ask for it.

Minimalist Logo: A Style That Keeps Attracting Users

Minimalist logo trend 2024

Some may say minimalist graphic design can’t no longer be regarded as a “new” trend; after all, we have been using this aesthetically pleasing style for over a decade. Nevertheless, year after year, this trend never fails to make a comeback and deliver some of the best brands’ designs. This year will be no different, so I think it has earned its place in this logo trends 2024 guide.

The idea behind minimalist logo design is to remove all unnecessary elements and focus only on the most important, simple message. For that, logo designs use clean lines, simple and timeless typography, a minimalist color palette, and uncomplicated shapes and elements.

Modern clean logos offer several advantages, including:

  • Their simplicity makes them extremely easy to remember and recognize.
  • They convey a feeling of sophistication and elegance, which makes them timeless.
  • They are highly versatile and work on both digital mediums and printed materials.

By focusing on simple and functional design, brands can create a logo that showcases their identity and pass the test of time.

Maximalism Will Also Make And Appearance With Bold And Vibrant Logos

Maximalism in logo design

While minimalism will remain relevant in the design world, its counterpart, maximalism, will also have a place to shine.

Slowly but steadily, maximalist logo design is taking up more and more room when it comes to branding. This trend uses vibrant colors, complex patterns and shapes, a mix of different styles, and contrasting textures to deliver a bold, authentic logo design.

Brands looking to stand out for their creativity, fun, and unique style can take advantage of this emerging trend.

Nostalgia Logo Design: Is Retro Making A Comeback?

Nostalgia logo trend

Nostalgia has a profound psychological impact on users; it takes them back to the good old days, evokes positive feelings, and makes them deeply connect with a brand or product.

That is why retro website design is becoming more and more prevalent. As a designer, you can also use nostalgia in your logo designs to appear to users and attract more customers to your clients.

Retro-inspired designs tap into visuals and styles from the 70s and 80s. These logos usually include a muted color palette, classic and old-school typography, lettering in neon colors for the company name, and imagery taken straight from the past.

Retro logos are rich in storytelling and stand out for the sense of craftmanship they evoke. They are the ideal choice for brands looking to highlight their heritage or embrace nostalgia to build a deep connection with their clientele.

We Take A Step Away From Technology And Embrace Hand-Drawn Logos

Hand-drawn logo example

In the digital era of artificial intelligence, a hand-drawn logo design and illustrations bring a human touch element that audiences appreciate and connect with.

Squiggles, doodles, and other design elements are part of this trend that breaks the rules of digital perfection users have gotten used to in the last few years. Hand-drawn logos offer a sense of originality, warmth, and free spirit that can’t be duplicated by digital tools.

This trend resonates the best with audiences looking for individuality and craftsmanship. Just like retro design, hand-drawn style works well to evoke nostalgic feelings. Adding hand-drawn elements to logos is an excellent way to communicate a brand’s core values; for example, this technique is often used as part of natural graphic design for natural lifestyle and eco-friendly brands.

Pixel Logos Take Us Back To A Golden Age

Born in the 1970s, when computers started to make their way into the world, pixel art is a fun and creative style that saw its golden years a few decades ago. You probably remember this trend from popular arcade video games.

Is pixel art a thing in the digital world? It is; actually, pixel graphic design has been round for a while and is now setting up to become one of the burning logo trends of 2024.

Pixel art can seem simple, but it is a great opportunity for designers to unleash their creativity and enhance their design skills. Modern design tools enable designers to surpass all the limitations this trend used to have. Today, you can create unique logo designs that awaken nostalgia and take users to simpler times. This old-school, eye-catching style is perfect for brands looking to stand out through creative and highly personalized logos.

Geometric Logo Trends In 2024: Bring Order To Chaos

geometric logo example

In recent years, geometric shapes have started to pop up in web and logo design. This year, geometric graphic design is one of the top trends in business logos.

Geometric logo design, with its rudimentary shapes and clean lines, reflects a sense of order and clarity. At the same time, those attributes introduce a sensation of balance and stability, making a brand seem authoritative and trustworthy.

This trend extends beyond simple shapes and geometric patterns; it also includes abstract art. Through geometric shapes, designers can give logos a sense of harmony and rhythm, while abstract style offer a canvas for imagination and personalization.

Geometric logos never fail to make a significant visual impact, making this trend ideal for brands looking to leave their mark and be noticed in a crowded market.

Watch Out For Attention-Grabbing 3D Logo Designs

3d logo

3D designs will be one of the strongest logo trends of 2024. Why? This style allows designers to create logos that stick out and draw users’ attention the second they lay their eyes on them. Increasingly, designers and business owners are realizing the power of 3D logos.

3D graphic design is a versatile trend that helps designers build immersive experiences for their target audiences. It has seen a lot of improvement since its origins. New technologies put 3D designs ahead by giving them a more natural and nuanced look.

Three-dimensional logos stand out much more than conventional 2D designs. By tapping into this trend and using modern tools – which streamline your work process and make your life easier – you can create logos that have a long-lasting visual impact on users.

Create Vibrant Logos Using The Gradient Trend

If you take a look at past color trends for logos, you will see a predominance of blacks and whites, monochromes, and muted tones. This year, the gradient style trend is coming to change the game.

Some big brands have long used gradient colors to make their logos stand out. Now, new, large, and small businesses will start tapping into the gradient logo trend, so you better get familiar with it.

Working with bright colors can be challenging; they tend to be erratic, and a misstep can lead to chaos. But once you master the use of gradients, you will be able to turn any simple logo into a sublime experience. Today’s digital advances, such as LED screens, bring out the depth of gradients and vibrant colors in a way traditional print can’t. This is the perfect time to experiment with gradient graphic design and develop outstanding logo designs.

Brands aiming to make a memorable impression can use gradients and vibrant colors to craft logos that express their unique energy and identity.

Logo Trends 2024: Which Ones Will You Try?

All successful brands need a well-crafted logo. Without a good logo, a successful branding campaign becomes an uphill battle. Therefore, logo design should be among any professional designer’s top skills.

Whether you are a design agency or a freelancer, by learning about the upcoming logo trend of 2024, you put yourself one step forward when it comes to landing new clients.

The mentioned trends are styles most brands will be on the look this year. Learn and master those styles, and you will be creating unique logo designs that look amazing and serve their purpose: boost a business brand and leave a memorable impression on its audience.


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