Will organic shapes change web design in 2024?

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Shapes are building blocks of every web and graphic design project. Web designers who know how to take advantage of different shape meanings have a better chance of building fresh-looking and high-converting websites. In recent years, we have seen a shift towards organic shapes in web design. The idea behind this is that more attention should be paid to the user experience and how users perceive the website. So what will happen in 2023? Will organic shapes continue to grow as a trend in web design, or will something new take over? 

In this article, our web design agency in Chicago will give you a detailed insight into how the wider implementation of organic shapes design can impact the way companies interact with customers.

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example of organic shapes design

How many different types of shapes do we have?

Shapes play an essential role in our everyday lives. Shapes also play a crucial role in web design because they allow professionals to create a variety of user experiences. They can also be used to create emphasis and hierarchy on your website. But how many different types of shapes do we have? For instance, shapes can be categorized into three main groups:

  • Geometric shapes
  • Organic Shapes
  • Abstract shapes

Deep knowledge of shape meanings will allow you to combine them into graphic design materials that trigger specific emotions in website visitors. Keep in mind that geometric, abstract, and organic shapes are equally important in web design, as each group can be used in a specific way to achieve desired business goals. In the following section of this article, we will explain the meaning of each shape type and how you can use it in your advance.

The meaning of geometric shapes

Geometric shapes usually first come to mind when someone mentions word shapes. Web designers use such shapes as building blocks of a website’s look. It is a mathematical term for any two-dimensional figure that a set of points, lines, and curves can describe. It is possible to describe each geometric shape using mathematical equations. All geometric shapes are either polygons or non-polygons. A polygon is a closed geometric shape with three or more sides, while a non-polygon is a shape that is not formed by straight lines, therefore, has curved sides or is not entirely closed. 

Let’s explore the most common geometric shape meanings in graphic design and web design:

Squares and Rectangles

Besides circles, squares and rectangles are considered basic shapes, meaning all other shapes are derived from them. These two shapes evoke feelings of trust and authority, and that’s why they are a popular choice in web design. A square can be used to create a simple and intuitive user interface for your website.


People often associate triangles with motion because of their dynamic look, and that’s why they are a popular choice in travel website design. A triangle can be used to create a more complex and interactive experience for your visitors. This shape usually evokes feelings of excitement, risk, danger, and similar – but in specific cases, web designers can utilize triangles to achieve a balanced and stable look of a website.

Circles, Ovals, and Elipses

Circles and similar shapes are specific because they don’t have angles. As they are often associated with Earth and Sun, such shapes often evoke feelings of harmony and peace in the observer. In graphic design, circles can be used to highlight an object, achieve a minimalistic look, put emphasis on a particular message, and create a youthful look. Keep in mind that you can use half circles to achieve a more dynamic look. Also, the halftone circle design has recently gained a lot of popularity among web content creators who want to achieve a unique visual appeal to their websites.


Spirals can be found in nature, and that’s why people often associate them with growth. Graphic designers often use spiral shapes to achieve an aesthetically pleasing design that looks creative and intelligent. However, if used in a specific way, spiral shapes can also cause anxiety and create a sense of mystery.

The meaning of organic shapes

The easiest way to understand organic shapes is to think of them as shapes with natural, free-flowing curves. Unlike geometric shapes, which have clean lines and hard angles (except circles), organic shapes are often found in nature and are characterized by their smooth, flowing lines and lack of symmetry. Because organic shapes lack the mathematical precision that characterizes geometric shapes, they look unplanned and unorganized. Think of leaves, flowers, and clouds – these are all examples of organic shapes. While organic shapes are often found in nature, they can also be created by web and graphic designers who want to evoke specific emotions in website visitors. 

Organic shapes design is often associated with the following: 

  • Nature
  • Flow
  • Freedom
  • Unpredictability

The meaning of abstract shapes

Abstract shapes are shapes that can represent real objects without being their exact representation. However, even though abstract shapes heavily rely on symbolism, they can also have no connection to anything that exists in the real world. Such shapes are often used in web design to create a feeling of space or to add visual interest. 

 Graphic designers can create interesting abstract shapes in various ways – including drawing, painting, or using computer software. By implementing abstract shapes, web designers can add visual appeal to pages, break up content, and create a sense of movement. That can help you keep visitors engaged in exploring your website for a longer time. 

 Abstract graphic design is very popular because it can convey a message without text, but unless you are utilizing it exclusively for aesthetic purposes, you should conduct research before implementing any abstract shape on your website. That is because, outside of the cultural context, such shapes have no real meaning. An example of abstract shapes is the hamburger menu icon. As we have seen many times, we don’t even need to think twice before clicking on it to navigate the website.

The Psychology of Shapes in Design

Understanding the psychology of shapes is an incredibly important part of custom WordPress website design, as each shape influences a viewer’s emotions and perception. For example, rounded shapes are often seen as friendly and approachable, while angular shapes can be perceived as aggressive or harsh. The use of shapes can also create a sense of movement or energy, which can help draw attention to a particular area of a website.

 Unless you plan on applying concepts of minimalism, you will have to work with several types of shapes in your web design projects and find the best way to combine them. By using the right shapes, web designers can meet specific user requirements for a website design more efficiently. They can use geometric, abstract, and organic shapes to convey messages, evoke desired emotions and help users find what they’re looking for on a website without much trouble. 

Main benefits of using organic shapes

Organic shapes are gaining popularity among web designers, as there are numerous benefits to using them when creating a website. Once you understand different meanings of organic shapes, you can use them to:  

Add a natural look and relax website visitors

Organic shapes design can add a sense of naturalism and serenity to a website’s look. Unlike geometric shapes, organic shapes are not constrained by strict rules, which allows designers to create more fluid and natural designs. For example, using abstract floral artwork background or biophilic design on your website can help you relax your visitors and keep them exploring your pages for longer because organic shapes are less likely to cause eye strain.

Build trust more easily

Building trust with your potential customers is crucial for increasing conversion rates on your website. While there are many different ways to do it, such as implementing reviews and testimonials, how you design your visual elements will also play a huge role in visitors’ decisions about whether to trust your business. As organic shapes are seen as friendly and approachable, you can utilize organic shapes design to start building trust with potential customers as soon as they land on one of your pages.

Draw attention to a specific page area

Organic shapes are visually attractive, and they have the power to grab attention quickly because of their distinctive look. That’s why organic shapes can help you guide a visitor’s focus to a page area of your choice and highlight your company’s name, special offers, specific messages, and similar. 

Learning more about current UI/UX trends before working on your next web project is crucial, as it can not help you extend the lifespan of your website but also increase conversion rates. Let’s explore some of the trends that have dominated the web design industry in 2022:

Collage design elements

Combining different shapes to create collage-style graphics is a powerful way to make your website pages visually attractive and memorable. That is especially a popular choice for the hero section. The collage-style graphic design opens opportunities for combining geometric, abstract, and organic shapes into powerful, eye-grabbing visuals that highlight the main brand’s message.

Emphasis on white space

The usage of white space has been the popular choice among web designers for a while, especially on websites with a large amount of information. Leaving the right amount of white space on your pages can help you better guide visitors’ eyes, enhance the website’s navigation, and make it easier to optimize for a fantastic user experience on mobile devices.

3D graphics

During 2022, web creators have increasingly used 3D graphical elements with the goal of creating eye-catching website designs. Since three-dimensional shapes look realistic, no matter how abstract they are, and that’s why they can hold attention for much longer than traditional 2D shapes. As this trend is likely to continue in the future, we recommend experimenting with 3D organic shapes design on some of your following web projects.

What will be popular in 2023?

Organic shapes design

While geometric shapes have enjoyed the spotlight in recent years, we expect organic shape design to emerge as a massive trend in 2023. It is a great way to add a naturalistic feel to your website and make your business appear more friendly. And as they help web designers smoothly separate different sections of web pages, organic shapes are already a popular choice for background design.

Combining photos with graphical elements

Overlapping high-quality photos with geometric shapes such as squares, circles, and similar or even organic shapes to make visuals more exciting and eye-catching is already popular among web designers, and this trend is likely to continue during 2023.

Abstract illustrations

The current popularity of illustrations based around abstract shapes suggests that they will likely continue to grow as a trend in 2023. Abstract illustrations are visually attractive; they add contrast to web pages and successfully create a sense of minimalism in web design. Using an abstract wave motion illustration is a powerful way to grab visitors’ attention and guide it to the brand’s name or unique offers. We also expect more and more websites to use abstract colorful vector backgrounds and abstract geometric backgrounds in the future, as those can encourage excitement in website visitors. Additionally, the integration of these styles in mobile app development and design is anticipated to rise, reflecting the increasing importance of visually engaging and user-friendly mobile interfaces.

How to know which shapes to use when building websites for clients?

Choosing between basic and abstract shapes can be difficult when planning a website design. While there is no reason not to combine both, you need to base the decision on the client’s business’s short-term and long-term goals.

Use consultation calls to ask specific web design questions for clients in order to find out what they want to accomplish with their website – and then utilize the psychology of shapes to help them with that. If they want to appear approachable and friendly, opting for organic shapes design is probably the best course of action. On the other hand, if they want to achieve more of an authoritative look – using geometric shapes, such as squares and triangles, might be a better option. Just make sure to explain the meaning of each shape to your clients and how including it in their website design can benefit their business.

However, keep in mind that you don’t have to follow the psychology of shapes strictly. Instead, use it as a guideline, and before launching a website, conduct A/B tests to find out how different designs influence the decisions of real users.

Do you need help from professional web designers?

Building a visually appealing website that functions perfectly is a task best handled by professionals with years of experience in the web design industry. 

Alpha Efficiency follows only the best web design practices to build award-winning websites for its clients. Our eCommerce web design services include applying the psychology of shapes to make your website more attractive and increase conversion rates by evoking the right emotions in your potential customers. 

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