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WordPress is an exceptional CMS that hosts most blog and mainstream websites. 37% out of all of the websites on the internet use this CMS. If you are looking for a good option in custom website design, WordPress should be your go-to platform. Coding expertise is not required to host your website on WordPress; you can work with available themes and plugins that are either free or offered at a premium.  Sage WordPress offers excellent site speed, SEO and enables you to achieve a mobile-first design. Our web design agency in Chicago can design your website on WordPress and include Core Web Vitals and Lighthouse Google algorithm updates that are required for your website to attract visitors through search engines.

Custom WordPress Website Design

Table of contents

Better site speed

Speed on WordPress is guaranteed if you follow ever changing practices dictated by search engines. With careful consideration, you can achieve a fast website. Better site speed means higher rankings in the SRPS, improved user experience, and a decreased bounce rate. When coding your website for speed, lighthouse algorithm check and core web vitals, you should also consider these common issues:

  • Internet connection latency – Internet connection latency refers to the speed of data movement. If you are hosting a custom WordPress website design, you need to have about 200ms minimum network latency to ensure remote access across continents. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for the premium hosting options provided by Google Cloud Platform or a shared hosting company that resides on Google Cloud platform (such as Siteground or Kinsta).They have a higher internet connection latency and reside directly on Google’s servers; hence you will not have a problem with higher traffic.
  • Leanness – As you continue building your custom WordPress web design, you will likely add more plugins and themes, for example, the Sage WordPress theme. WordPress makes it possible to profile your plugins and monitor how they affect your website, and you can select them appropriately depending on your needs.
  • Database tables – The database is a crucial aspect of your custom WordPress website design. You need to ensure that it is clean, and you can use tools such as WP-Optimize, which is an excellent alternative to phpMyAdmin. It allows better optimization of your database, hence, a faster performance of the custom WordPress website design.
  • Server – WordPress provides alternatives for server hosting, as there are free and premium ones. Alternatively, you can customize your server needs and use OpCache, Google Cloud Platform, Siteground, and KInsta on the same platform. However, Nginx is the best option – virtually all major websites use it to achieve the maximum speed. Some people may use sandboxing clones to host their WordPress websites, and it achieves the same function.
  • Cache – You must have heard a lot about cache if you often deal with websites or computers. If you’re uncertain about its meaning, it is essentially the memory that stores temporary data on your custom WordPress web design. WordPress provides you with the plugins to handle your cache, for example, the WP-Rocket, WP Total Cache or WP Super Cache. Managing your cache is essential to ensure your custom WordPress web design is fast.
  • HTTP/2 – The HTTP/2 protocol provides all your security and encryption needs and is available for all WordPress websites. Security is a critical issue in your website’s speed as interception of your site can slow down processes; for example, your database can experience downtime and data breaches in an SQL injection attack.


Fully matching your brand guidelines

One of the most vital tasks when building a website is to match it fully to your brand; by doing so, you’ll contribute to brand awareness and build trustful relationships with your visitors. Well, WordPress gives you a lot of room to exercise your creativity as it is highly flexible. WordPress has a wide range of themes to choose from, but creating your own from scratch is the most ideal way to fully match your brand guidelines. Your brand matters for your business, and having a matching website is mandatory.

Building your own themes on WordPress can be costly, as the prices go up to $100,000. You can customize at lower prices if you are looking for simple options and still achieve a similar function, but that is not ideal for an enterprise environment, and it is more of a trait of startups and small businesses. WordPress themes have built-in specifications, making them easy to integrate with your brand, and they are highly customizable, for example, the colors and fonts.

Unlimited flexibility

Freedom is one of the critical factors that lead people to choose a platform when building their custom websites. Open source web building platforms like WordPress allow for more flexibility as more people develop themes and plugins for the millions of users who need the services. Currently, WordPress controls more than 40% of the websites online, showing how much people prefer the platform to customize their websites, primarily because of its flexibility. Different non-coders and coders participate in building WordPress to make it as flexible as possible, but at the cost of SEO and user experience. Therefore, it is imperative to supplement the most effective platforms, with the tool set that empowers the flexibility without sacrificing the performance.

There is no flexible platform like Sage Framework for WordPress in custom web design. Sage Framework gives users and coders as much information as possible to design websites to fit their needs. As a beginner, you will not have much trouble navigating it because of its adjustability. It is an exceptional alternative to more rigid platforms such as Blogger, Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix, that cause slow site speed and inability to achieve superior design aesthetics. You can easily customize your website on Sage Framework; hence, it is a no-brainer in decision-making regarding the best platform for your needs.

Complete control over your site

Beginners will have  struggles customizing their websites on Sage Framework WordPress, that is why this type of job is best left to professionals. However, if you are looking for a more professional web design that fits your brand, Sage Framework is the fine achievement of getting both: managing content and having a full SEO control over your site. The customization features on WordPress like plugins, allow you to include aspects such as schedulers, invoices, contact forms, and payment gateways on your site. It surprises many, but you can build an eCommerce store on WordPress, exclusively on its WooCommerce subsidiary platform.

Many professional companies now use Sage Framework as their development environment, and they are reaping many benefits because of the wide range of functionalities, designs, and SEO advantages. Such control is unmatched by other alternatives in the market, like:

  • Squarespace
  • Weebly
  • Wix

WordPress is so adjustable that you can easily migrate between your host in case of security problems, poor flexibility, price changes, or preference. Nothing on your custom WordPress web design will change as it provides cloud support for your data during migration. Therefore, you do not need to download your custom features then reupload them on the WordPress portal.

However, coding is necessary if you’re looking to get the best out of your WordPress website design. Knowledge of CSS, HTML and PHP (mainly used to write WordPress) allows you to code your own themes and plugins. Another way that you can get more control is by using the dashboard from the hosting provider, and you can access more customization features. It can be risky unless you have prior knowledge or there is professional handling of that part because it can affect the functionality of the whole website. 

Reduced plugin maintenance

Little work is required regarding maintenance, and you only need to perform tasks such as:

  • Updating,
  • Deactivating, and
  • Replacing.

Plugin vendors release new versions every time with security upgrades, and as a website owner, you need to stay vigilant and update them as soon as you can. Protecting your website against cyberattacks should be a key priority, and WordPress provides easy integration to upgrade your plugins which is a click away.

On WordPress, you can deactivate those plugins that are not in use or outdated. You should also ensure that you update the deactivated plugins as it can be an exploit for cyber-attackers, and it also applies to themes. Updating and deactivating takes little effort and time, unlike developing the plugins yourself. You should not have too many deactivated plugins, as they can escape your mind, and it is a huge security risk, so you should delete them if possible.


If you are looking to redesign or build a website, you should look no further than Sage Framework, as it offers numerous advantages that will fit the needs of a sophisticated business that relies on search engine traffic and beyond. Customizing your WordPress website has never been more powerful. Most website-building platforms online are more rigid, and they do not match the flexibility and control that Sage Framework offers. You get unmatched support as you spend little time maintaining your plugins, and upgrades are a click away, with constant security updates provided by Automatic, a large enterprise running WordPress.


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