Useful Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts That You Didn’t Know About

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I bet many of you are wondering how can Facebook, be related to productivity? Well this article is dedicated to all the people who are spending a lot of time on Facebook networking and meeting new people.

This is uncommon knowledge, because these keyboard shortcuts aren’t displayed publicly, so you could only figure out about them via articles such as this one, or by accident. It’s quite useful if you use Facebook often.

This list is not long and covers only a couple of functions, I still believe it would beneficial for all those Social Media savy guys, who spend a lot of time engaging on Facebook groups.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Facebook

Alt+1 News feed
Alt+2 your profile
Alt+3 Friend requests(popup)
Alt+4 Messages(popup)
Alt+5 Notifications(popup)
Alt+6 Account Settings
Alt+7 Privacy Settings
Alt+8 Facebook’s facebook profile
Alt+9 ToS
Alt+0 Help center

And my newest favorite! Facebook recently introduced flash image preview, which doesn’t allow you to save pictures, but with a little gimmicks you can switch back to old view. You just need to PRESS F5 and you will have the old view back. I find this one particularly useful!

I certainly hope that there are going to be more keyboard shortcuts, to satisfy our Power User needs. I’ll be on the lookout and keep you posted.


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