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Google Docs is huge topic. For quite a while I figured I am slowly but surely ditching Microsoft Office compared to the free alternative. If you are single men startup or you have a small team of people who are working on a single project, collaborating on Google Docs is great way to increase and enhance your productivity to completely new level. As most of the Google products, you are getting this automatically when you sign up for Gmail or for Google Account.

Ever since I first saw Google Docs for the first time I knew it’s power house for any small business. This is not that in depth tool set like Microsoft Office is, but if you take a batter look, advatages of Docs are far outweighting the flaws.

Take a closer look and remember how many features are you actually using in day to day operation that old school office has, in comparison with Cloud alternative.  There are 6 main options that you can choose from when you start at first:

1. Document

2. Presentation

3. Spreadsheet

4. Form

5. Drawing

6. Collection – Collections are like folders, just tagging system.

One of the great features is that Google Docs is working on Android based smartphones, without any problems.This is hugee advatage over MS Office, because you can edit your documents “on the go”. There isn’t any specific application that you need to run, you just log into your Google Account via phone browser and you are all set.

Sharing options intuitive and cover options of: Not sharing it at all, allowing someone to view the doc only, allowing someone to view and edit, sharing it for view/edit for anyone with a link and finally publicly sharing it on the web. For security purposes, most common option is sharing a document with certain people.


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