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As a productivity enthusiast I am sure you are most likely to encounter upon really popular bloglike website called  Lifehacker. They are dishing incredible amount of useful and non useful content. But that is lately becoming a great problem! There are many annoyances that I faced while reading Lifehacker feeds and now there was a final drop in the sea of issues they created lately, that made me write this article.

First problem that made me consider dropping Lifehacker out of my Google Reader was that they didn’t include the entire feed in the RSS form. I forgave them first time, I was in love with their content. I didn’t mind going trough content that I don’t necessery need, but I was okay, because of other articles I really loved.

And than there was insurge of content that is getting further and further away from what my interests are. I bet that there are many of you who like thos Do It Yourself articles and that they are inspiring, but it just became awful time waste. Not to mention that they increased number of articles.

It became a pain to figure out which article to send to my Instapaper for further reading. And than one evening I was hanging out with my friend Igor Kolosov, and he tolled me he ditched Lifehacker from Google Reader. At that moment I started thinking about ditching Lifehacker. And the moment ago there was a final drop in already full glass that made me conclude this decision and make it permanent.

I couldn’t read their articles in my InstaFetch as I did so far. I am huge fan of openness and freedom of information distribution. If you are forcing me to come to your website and read your material there, while that’s not my hanging point, I won’t come there. Also you guys should learn how to make multiple RSS feeds so I don’t get spammed by 100+ articles a day that you push out trough your publishing network.

I want to be able to choose how I consume my content and which amount of your insanely huge number of articles I want to read or not. In short it became unproductive for me to follow your blog, hence Lifehacker I break up with you! 🙂

On the sidenote this article is not about Lifehacker only. It’s about you making a decision when something just isn’t for you. Don’t allow your Gmail/Reader or any other information stream that you have, becomes overflooded. I certainly don’t want to read Facebook status updates from people I don’t care about, hence I am actively using hide this person from my wall. I highly recommend this, so even your leisure time can be more enjoyable!


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