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You know already that I am huge consumer of information scattered across the web. I was already mentioning couple of times famous website called, but to be honest with you, I don’t use the site directly lately at all. I skip my desktop and go to my cell phone to read up on InstaFetch. It allows me to read my articles offline, which is pretty neat, but beside that you get pretty cool distractionless view of the article.

There’s nothing to bother you, nothing to pop up, it’s just YOU and text… Being productive is about using the maximum of your unused time. And example of such time is  when you are waiting for someone in your car. When you are standing in line at the bank and when your special someone is slacking around with make up. Grab every free moment to read up something.

Those successfully used moments of spare time, will add up. It might not look like great number, but, second by second, you’re getting more out of your smartphone and ultimately of your time in general.

I would recommend a couple of things, when using InstaFetch. First of all, I recommend that you send articles trough Google reader directly to InstaFetch. I suggest you to use your volume up/down buttons to scroll between the pages. There are various different paginations options, seek for the one that serves you best. I use scroll up/down, but there are also “pages”, which make your reading “book-like” or perhaps “newspaper-like”.

If you are premium you will have full screen mode, and that feature alone is what makes it worth buying and 3$ isn’t really much at all, to support quality developers. Also if you are reading articles in Dolphin or native android browser, you can click share and InstaFetch is going to be the first option to send to.

In recent update of InstaFetch, there is deeper Evernote integration. This way InstaFetch fullest power comes to spotlight, because instead of the link share, you can send entire text of the article to your Evernote database, making it fully searchable. This makes InstaFetch my article research filter, if it passes my InstaFetch, it ends up in Elephant world 🙂

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