Why People Love Evernote? And What You are Missing Out

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Since all of my work is tied to my computer, I really want to use most out of it. I believe I wasted a lot of time on these kinds of applications, but when you look at it in the long run, I got the most out of them. It’s about building habits of using the tools that are available to you. I know numerous people who buy software or something that is there to serve them but they never end up in taking action. Don’t be one of those people, because you are just being the consumer that way. Polarize your efforts and make habits from your decisions.

I was looking for a way to sync my life, I could not do this on my own… Since I am avid Android user and all my cellphone actions are synchronized with my lap top and desk top. Evernote has 3 platforms that I am using which keep you in sync 24/7: Android application, Desktop Application and Web 2.0. What kind of notes can you take? Any! This is why I love it! I can make audio note, I can take a snapshot with my camera or send already existing photos. Beside that I can take screenshots from my PC and save the part of the screen as a note. All of these notes would be hell to track to if it wasn’t for built in image recognition, this element is the key link, why this app is so awesome. And best of all it’s completely free, and premium version costs 5$ a month. Premium account gives you priority on image recognition and more space on your cloud. But for initial users 40 megabytes will be more than enough.

It’s image recognition makes it a life saver when you want to memorize “offline” stuff. For example you can use your mobile phone to screenshot visit cards from other people or take a picture of information on your favorite restaurant. There are also extensions available that provide voice to text, so for example you take voice note and addon will automatically transfer it to text.

I encourage you to visit Evernote and give it a shot. It’s free and on top of it all, it’s gonna save you time, so you got nothing to loose.

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