Maximalist Color Palette: Finding Perfect Color Combinations For Your Projects

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Are you struggling to find the perfect maximalist color palette for your web design?

Maximalism in website and graphic design is making a huge comeback. This trend throws out the window the minimalist graphic design philosophy of “less is more” and adopts a “more is more” approach.

This go-big or go-home style is all about excess, extravagance, an abundance of bold colors, and layering different patterns. Reaching the right spot of maximalism to create an eye-catching maximalist design can be challenging. If you are not careful, you can end up with an unorganized mess that makes users uncomfortable.

The key to designing high-performing maximalist websites is making wise color choices. Once you learn what color combinations work best, you will start creating unforgettable maximalist designs.

In this article, I’ll show you the basic maximalist color scheme principles, so you can choose the perfect palette for your designs. You will also learn how colors can impact your target audience and if a maximalist graphic design is the right option for your project.

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Maximalist color palette

The Psychology Of Color: How Do Colors Influence Your Audience?

Human emotions are highly influenced by color; by choosing the right palette, you can tell your brand’s story, evoke different emotions, and even affect users’ behavior.

In maximalist design, bold and vibrant colors are the heart of the design. It is crucial to pick colors that work well with the brand’s identity and induce the right feelings.

These are some of the most typical colors used for maximalist color palettes and the emotions users associate with them.

Blue – Evoke Trust And Stability Through Your Design

Blue gives a sense of tranquility and stability that leads people to relax. It is a widespread choice among businesses that want to come across as professionals and inspire trust among their audiences. That sense of reliability blue evokes tends to enhance user interaction and engagement.

As a nice plus, blue goes well with almost every color. That makes blue one of the top choices among the maximalism design movement, which involves combining many colors to create designs that are and out. You can use navy, royal, teal, aquamarine, or sapphire blue for your maximalist web design.

Green – The color of harmony and growth

Green is a versatile color with multiple associations. On one hand, green relates to nature and harmony; you can use this color for an environmentally friendly or natural graphic design project.

On the other hand, people also associate green with growth and money, making this color a good choice for a wide variety of industries.

It all will depend on how you use this color and with which other colors you combine it. Good shades of greens include forest green, deep teal, pale mint, and emerald green.

Red – It speaks passion and ambition

Red tends to evoke big emotions; it is mostly associated with love and passion, but also ambition and power. This color causes excitement, accelerates heart rate, and stimulates the senses.

I advise you carefully asses your goals before making red the primary color of your design. Sometimes, this color is recommended in small doses, such as to highlight aspects of a logo design. 

Red is also the ideal color for actions, so make sure to use it on your buttons and other call-to-action design elements. Red immediately grabs people’s attention and stands out, making it an ideal color for a maximalist logo design.

Purple – Feelings of creativity, mystery, and luxury

Dark purple communicates sophistication, authority, and rolary. It is often used for premium brands that want to evoke a sense of luxury and wealth.

At the same time, purple inspires creativity and innovation. Perfect for brands looking for a design that allows for self-expression. By combining purple with other bold colors, you can create unique and imaginative designs.

For maximalist projects, try to stick to vibrant purples, such as magenta, indigo, violet, and mulberry.

Orange – Associated with fun and excitement feelings

Orange evokes energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. It can be a tricky color to work with, but if your client wants to come across as fun, positive, and optimistic, then it can be an excellent choice to express their brand’s personality.

This color is cheerful and jovial, allowing room for creativity. You can also play with experimental typography when using this type of color. Remember that maximalism is more than bright colors; it is also about mindfully combining different patterns, fonts, and other design elements to create a distinctive design that attracts users.

You can use vibrant oranges such as tangerine, pumpkin orange, neon orange, and orange-red.

Yellow – It’s all about happiness and energy

Yellow is a happy, playful color that can evoke cheerfulness and inspiration. This color, associated with the sun and the core of flowers, can lift people’s moods and make them feel content. Yellow also sparks creativity and boosts cognition.

Use yellow on your designs when you want them to convert warmth and comfort, a youthful and energetic vibe, or creativity and innovation. Pick vibrant shades, such as dark, golden, and lemon yellow.

Pink – It creates an atmosphere of love and sympathy

Like red, pink is associated with love, but in a more soft and romantic style. When used properly, pink can create a sense of sympathy and comfort. A color often linked to feminity that works perfectly if you have a female-mostly audience.

Bright, dark pinks symbolize youthfulness, strength, and excitement. At the same time, dark shades of pink represent sophistication, trust, and sincerity, making them ideal for luxury brands.

There is a wide variety of pinks you can use for your maximalist projects, including bright pink, neon fuschia, deep pink, and ruby.

Benefits Of Choosing a Maximalist Color Palette

Benefits of maximalist color schemes

In the last decade, we got a little too used to the calm and order of minimalistic designs. Don’t get me wrong, minimalism is a brilliant trend that’s still going strong. But, despite the sophistication and pixel-perfect result of a minimalist color palette, maximalism allows more room for creativity and expression.

Let’s explore the benefits of working with a maximalist color palette:

Uniqueness that boosts brand recognition

Maximalism is not about mixing random bright colors and textures together. This trend is driven by the flow of creativity to create new combinations that appeal to your audience. This will ultimately make any web design stand out from the crowd. If you take a look at websites following the minimalism style, there’s usually little to distinguish them by. Maximalist design, on the other hand, is highly recognizable and leaves a long-lasting impression.

Increased engagement and loyalty

Maximalist designs keep users engaged by employing vivid colors, eye-catching fonts, and other graphic elements. Those elements also encourage visitors to further explore a website. Visitors are likely to come back to sites they found visually appealing and interesting. Ultimately, maximalist web design can help brands engage users and foster loyalty.

Loud and clear branding

When designing a website, it’s essential to understand the brand’s identity, mission, and message and plan each design element accordingly. Maximalist designs are all about self-expression, helping designers bring the brand’s vision to life. You can create a website that shouts your clients’ identity and works great for brands that identify with creativity, eccentricity, and innovation.

5 Best Maximalist Color Palettes For Web Design

If you are struggling to jump into this rising design movement, you can use the following maximalist color palettes as inspiration for your next design project:

Maximalist Color Palette #1: Vivid And Sharp

Vivid and sharp maximalist color palette
  • Space Blue: #22235F
  • Violet: #7A4D9F
  • Candy Pink: #EB68A0
  • Mint Green: #A8DACD

This color combination allows for the perfect organized chaos that characterizes maximalism. It sticks out and catches the eye without being too gaudy. This pallet is excellent for sophisticated brands looking to make a bold statement.

Maximalist Color Palette #2: Fun and Bright Pinks

Fun and bright pink colors
  • Desire Pink: #EFC6D4
  • Soft Magenta: #D950AE
  • Dynamic Gree: #AAE847
  • Pale Grey Magenta: #EEEDEE

This is a fun and cheerful color combination that can result in a unique design. Neon colors are trending in the maximalist style. In this palette, the neon shade of green stands out among the different shades of pink and magenta. This color combo is ideal for creative brands targeting a young audience.

Maximalist Color Palette #3: Elegance and Sophistication

  • Cascades Green: #355952
  • Bakelite Gold:  #EAB63E
  • Highly-reflective White: #FAF6E7
  • Rejuvenate Coral: #E37769

Just like the last example, this palette is the perfect example of organized chaos. The mix of four different colors shouts maximalism and abundance, but the chosen shades speak elegance and luxury. Maximalism is not the number one option for classy website design, but luxury brands wanting to adopt this trend can take advantage of this stunning color palette.

Maximalist Color Palette #4: Innovative and Audacious

  • Portland Orange: #FF652F
  • Vivid Yellow: #FFE400
  • Jade: #14A76C
  • Dark Grey: #272727
  • Light Grey: #747474

This mix of bright orange and yellow with jade and an almost background demands for your attention. Full of energy, this combination is perfect if you are going for an audacious and futuristic graphic design.

Maximalist Color Palette #5: Sleek and Eye-catching

  • Blackberry: #501F3A
  • Dark Pink: #CB2D6F
  • Light Grey: #CCCCCC
  • Medium Dark Cyan: ##14A098
  • Dark Blue: #0F292F

This stunning palette of dark magenta shades and cyan combined with dark colors creates an interesting contrast that immediately grabs users’ attention. This palette is bold yet professional and, when applied correctly, can be used for corporate designs.

It’s Your Turn To Create A Maximalist Design

Now that you know which emotions users associate with each color and what combinations work best, you can give maximalism design a try.

Remember that maximalism is set up to become one of the hottest 2024 graphic design trends, so don’t sleep on it.

With creativity and some color research, you can give life to a website that conveys the brand’s identity loud and clear and attracts new clients. Maximalist designs naturally stand out, so if you are looking to create a unique design, this trend is your best bet.

Ready to try one of these 5 maximalist color palettes or experiment with your own? Let me know how your maximalist design goes!


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