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How Transformers inspired my laptop to become a desktop

Some of you know that I bought MacBook Pro few months ago. My first jump from PC to MAC and I was speechless. Previously my reasons for having a computer were motivated by playing video games and communication with friends. As I went into business from gaming, my computing needs started to change.  Instead of games, more and more time spent on my computer was dedicated to work.  I noticed that distraction free old Lenovo laptop was way more productive machine in terms of work, in comparison to all powerful desktop, simply, because I’ve associated it with games.  So I decided to replace the weakest link and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Having a powerful laptop skyrocketed my mindset and accomplishment.  I don’t regret a single penny.


Events at the begging of June threw me out of the house, so I had to rent a new place.  It was a drag for me to move entire heavy desktop to a temporary house, until the renovation is finished.  Instead I just brought my laptop, but that didn’t cut it.  I reserved a designated desk for work and also brought a monitor.  I’ve connected my laptop on it, added a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse.  There it is, a desktop like environment powered by extremly powerfull laptop, instead of big black box.

All of my motivating music and multimedia were already in sync, through iTunes, Evernote and Dropbox, and they still remain that way. So it left me down with only three devices at this momment: MacBook Pro, iPad and Android powered phone.  I have intention of moving my phone under Apple umbrella for further improvements of syncing.  Syncing is extremely important and I am looking forward to productivity boost when they launch iCloud, service that allows your documents to be synchronized over all of your Apple devices.

It becomes more and more apparent, if you are using computers soley for the purposes of work, laptop is your best choice. But if you feel as if you lack flexibilty of large screen of desktop, all you need for your exploding productivity home platform is:

  1. Cable to connect your laptop to external monitor – my recommendation: Apple Mini Display to DVI
  2. Wireless Keyboard – my recommendation: Apple Wireless Keyboard
  3. Wireless mouse – my recommendation: Logitech Darkfield MX performance
What is inspiring about this setup is that you have way less cables, than on your usual desktop setup. Simplicity and mobility are key to achieving. By having more than one computer, you are spreading your information thin. No matter that you have perfect synchronisation, having more of devices of one kind is cluttering your mind. You can transform your laptop for fun and engagement, simply by plugging it of and moving it away from your designated working area and creating your entertainment center. iTunes perfectly fullfils this role.  Best of all, when you run your primary working platform on laptop is that entire of your work is mobile and can go anywhere, where you are!
What is your working command center? How does it look like? Share your ideas and pictures in the comments.
Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

9 responses to “How Transformers inspired my laptop to become a desktop

  1. @Steve_Rice:disqus glad the article inspired you! I thought a while about this setup, but since I finally made it, it made me completely reconsider the use of my desktop, and I’ve found it obsolete.

    Please be kind and share a picture when you improve your working environment 🙂

    1. i think my laptop thinks its a desktop i had windows ex pro. and i had to boot this os on my dell b130 i did not have that disk to reinstall, but i did have xp home but now my laptop when i started it after downloading xp os dont show wireless connection did i do something wrong?

  2. I love my Windows PC desktop. With a 3 screen setup I can go fully immerse into the task at hand. I could never go apple as I use and love Windows  Live Writer to draft and send my blog posts. Also I have purchased way too much Windows software to make the switch justifiable.

  3. depends on your needs.  I need a full desktop, 2 monitors, video out, a real workstation and raid for VFX/compositing.

    I use cross-platform syncing apps, so regardless if I’m using my ipad2,
    android phone, mac laptop or windows workstation, I’m set.   I don’t like being tethered to a company.  That’s the way to go, and not relying on a single company’s failures to support your productivity needs.  I research and use what works, not what a fan or a marketing team tells me I should.  I could care less about the Mac/PC thing as that debate is for passive aggressives with a fanboi agenda, but I do agree with decluttering your work environment.    I’m sorry if Mac fans are upset, but there’s just way too much cool
    cross-platform stuff out there to be walled up in $teve Job$ garden for
    everything.  I guess I’m utilitarian versus having brand loyalty, which with the way companies are running things now, is a better place to be.  I digress.

    The more open  your workspace feels, the more apt you are to feel creative.   Wireless if you can, and if you can’t, use the 3M Velco cable ties to clean up any cable mess:

    1. I agree with marketing stuff, and thats not the reason why I use Apple. Simplicity is what I need and that allows me to get things done, simple.

      Reliability is something that I got from Apple and I want to be in that zone, where I dont need to think about “will it work as intended”.

      If you go through my blog, you will see all of cross platform apps bundeled and described: Dropbox, Xmarks, Lastpass… Evernote, which is huge for me!

      But sometimes you just want to focus on your goals, hence Apple. It gets the job done, without to much hassle, and I believe thats what majority people need.

  4. I do not know if you have read by Blog at or not but I comment there on after working in the PC world since the original IBM PC I this spring make the full migration to an Apple MacBook Air. I had been working in both the Apple and PC worlds for about 1 1/2 years before that, but cut the cord in April. I do run Windows under Parallels on the MacBook Air as there are a couple of things for which there is not an Apple alternative – principally an Outlook plugin called Send Individually that I use a lot. I opted for Parallels over Boot Camp as Parallels allows one to switch between Apple and PC programs without rebooting. While I have a perfectly good HP 18″ laptop waiting for me when we return to AZ next month I have no intention of returning to the PC world. I also agree that there is little reason to have a full desktop computer. My last four computers have been laptops and I cannot envision anything else. I have an iPad and iPhone and agree that the simplicity of synchronization makes life a whole lot simpler.

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