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How to Turn Evernote into Your Personal Wikipedia

You know how I was talking about knowledge management and how I searched for a platform, that would allow me such a thing?  Well seems like my favorite productivity tool just got the feature I was looking for!!  Evernote introduced new feature that allows internal note linking. Now this is huge update! I already feel like at home when I am in Evernote, but now seems like it’s going to be my one stop for everything! I had a lot of thought giving into creating personal knowledge management platform and Evernote just became that! It might even improve my GTD process if I decide to go trough with it, though it still lacks features for it, but right now it’s one step closer to getting there.

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Why is this huge? Well imagine you have one note, where you pile in just shortcuts to everything that you need to know. Creating huge knowledge base for your own needs. It’s like wikipedia of things, where everything is one click away! I am not sure weather end users will find this feature important, but it is quite huge, especially for knowledge workers. This is going to get my work and life way much easier, so I wholeheartedly recommend this to all Evernote users.

So how exactly am I going to take advantage over this? Well instead of having tons of notebooks, which will make my Evernote dashboard look cleaner. First of all I will create one note, where I will link to all of my pillar notes. All of those notes will be neatly organized and include a couple of pictures and links to other important bits and pieces of information. That note is going to be called Knowledge Dashboard, from knowledge dashboard I will link to Pillar Notes, where I will inter link to all areas of my knowledge. So I will have areas like next: social media, productivity, receipts, contacts, etc. So instead of using search all the time, you will have everything visual on one place, easily interlinkable.

Yes, this will take me some time to create, but over time, those notes are just gonna improve and improve and make my overall experience of Evernote and my thoughts, way way better. That’s the deal with Productivity tools altogether, more you use them, more usable they become. So even if Evernote isn’t your choice, try to keep this mentality with every other tool that you are using. When you find your pick, stick to it, don’t end up dwealing in the world of “next productivity tool”. Loads of productivity geeks fallen into this trap, because they were looking to make a perfect system. Well guess what, there is no perfect system, except the one system that works for you. Yea, sure you may miss a couple of functions if you use Google tasks over Nozbee or Omnifocus, but you will loose way more time and nerves with jumping from one to another. Productivity is supposed to be fun, but searching for next best thing is nowhere near in correlation with figuring out the new tool. As far as I am concerned, you can deal just as well with Pen and Paper.

When it comes down to Pen and Paper (which I am still a strong fan of), there is neat trick that I am using. Evernote on Smartphones has great feature that allows you to take snapshots and make notes out of them. So instead of just typing down the notes, I make shots and interlink them together. I know that feature is live for just a couple of days, but I am organizing my base of mind maps into one coherent group of notes.

Do you find this new feature useful? Are you going to create your personal Wikipedia like base of knowledge bits organized instead of scattered? Let me know in the comments.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

5 responses to “How to Turn Evernote into Your Personal Wikipedia

  1. I am with you Bojan. This is exactly what I needed to know. I am starting to use Evernote as my personal knowledge base (as internet marketing person and a dad) and I ma nervous that in a couple of years I will have so much stuff on Evernote that it will be hard to leave.

    At work we use Wikimedia, but to me it seems that it would be better to use Google docs, because they are more collaborative and easier to use. So for personal use I was also considering Google docs, but Evernote is way quicker and easier to use.

    Kudos to you and this article. Good to know I am on the right track here 🙂

    1. Pillar note is a big note that contains a lot of useful information and links to other notes. Think of it, like a wiki, just a term that I’ve picked up from other places. Pillar note is a pillar of knowledge for one particular topic.

  2. Hi! I do agree internal note linking is important!

    However, as a huge Evernote user I spend lots of time piling bits if my personal brain database in it. I mostly use my iPhone interface as thoughts tend to arise in virtually any place. Therefore I do value user-friendliness, as a way to concentrate brain usage on the truly valuable rather than on the technical steps needed to achieve a given noting task. As important a step Evernote has made, it still seems ergonomically poor to me. I would really and massively use this feature if I could call it directly within the note I am currently typing, in a wiki like way such as [Note alias|displayed text] without having to leave the current note, browse through note(book)s to find the desired note, get the link, come back to the note and paste it.

    This would imply Evernote could recognize inline note links, provide a way to give Notes aliases – different from the more complex titles – , know whether the links have been instantiated in the note database and provide a way to easily instantiate a non-instantiated note. I reckon this might no simple thing to implement. But this is what I truly need.

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