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Big list of programs that will increase your productivity

Hey guys! In my last article, I was talking about my gadgets, tools of the trade, and how I use them. In this article I will be writing on what software I am using and for each platform. A majority of my organizing is coming from my cell phone. So let me start from there.

Evernote - Remember anything


I closely monitor my tasks in gTasks application on my cell phone, which has a widget pointing me to the important things for that particular day. Another app that I am frequently using is Google Calendar. These two are combined together. Recently, one of the productivity apps that sneaked in is Pakoomba Call reminder, which helps me keep on track of the calls that I need to deal with during the day. On top of it all, one of most important applications is Evernote, which works flawlessly. In Evernote, I store and create content. I also clip web pages for future reference when I am creating new articles for this blog. It helps me keep pace with my day job.

But the bread and butter of my phone is Team Viewer application that allows me to keep in touch with everyone at all times. How do I do that? If you want to know what are the best applications for your Android phone, I recently wrote an article on apps for it. Feel free to check it out. I promise a lot of value in those recommendation.


It’s simple, on home computer (which is my base of operation basicly), I keep Digsby turned on whole the time, to manage all of my instant messaging. This way I keep other parts of my working environment uncluttered and distraction free. This is a really important part in my Productivity Ecosystem. I keep my desktop as my entertainment center when I am in front of and dually as my communication center when I am not at home. My home internet connection is up 24/7, so I appear offline even while I am traveling. This way, I can keep track of my downloads and schedule my computer to do automated work while I am not home, which tends to be more, and more often.

From software that I keep on my Windows 7 here’s the list:

1. Digsby (it doesn’t hurt to repeat this wonderful piece of software) – If you check the link, you will see I was already writing about this great instant messaging tool. Digsby phenomena is great and you should make sure to check it out.

2. iTunes – Apple software on my PC helps me greatly to organize my music files and access them on my other devices via Apple Home sharing. I listen to music from my Desktop on my Laptop and vice versa.

3. VLC Player – VLC Player is most versatile when it comes down to reading different video codes out there. If you don’t have it, download it. It’s free and light weight video player, with simpel functions. There is a Mac version also.

4. Google Chrome – My praised browser that I love and enjoy so much. If you want to improve it and make it a true power productivity tool, make sure to check out awesome extensions that I am using.

5. Mozilla FireFox – Mozilla is my secondary browser and helps me keep track of other accounts that I handle without logging off on my Chrome.

6. Screamer Radio – Also one of the tools that was featured a review. Lightweight simple internet player. If you waste too much time switching between songs on your player or you spend to much time checking out what YouTube clip to watch, than this is the application for you.

7. Evernote – My praized baby Everenote. One of the most useful applications ever made!

MacBook Pro (tricks for MBP newbs)

On my laptop I tend to avoid any kind of distractions, so I keep a list of communication apps to a minimum. Here’s a list of MacBook Software that I use:

1. Google Chrome

2. iCal which is synced to Google Calendar

3. Evernote

4. TeamViewer

5. Skype – I use Skype for recording of interviews with various different netizens. There is an upcoming interview with Jacob from Pakoomba Call remidner!

6. Garage Band

iPad (in case you missed my iPad review and tips)

1. Flipboard (best free app out there)

2. Instapaper (available on App Store for 5$)

3. iCab and Terra browsers (iCab is 2$, Terra is free)

4. Skype (free)

5. LastPass and Xmarks (only for subscribers, yearly subscription is 12$)

Now that we’ve covered all the programs that I am using on all 4 different platforms, I’m sure you’ve noticed a pattern. Certain applications are repeating themselves across all the platforms. Those are my core tools of the trade, helping me keep myself organized and synchronized. Synchronisation itself brings many benefits to the user. Most importantly, you won’t have to worry about whether you forgot a document or not.

Let’s not mention that I have troubles keeping everything in sync, because of 4 different platforms that I am spread across. In all probability I am either gonna switch my tablet to Android, or I am gonna switch my Samsung Galaxy to iPhone. I am still debating on productivity between these two platforms, when it comes to mobile devices.

What to take in consideration when you are managing multiple devices? What tools are good for you? Always use what feels most natural and comfortable for you. Stick to ecosystem that brings you the result. There is no true GTD formula, only guidelines. What works the best is what you decide for yourself and stick to it.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

11 responses to “Big list of programs that will increase your productivity

  1. not a fan of Google tasks. i think its underpowered. no tags.

    now evernote has its fans and things i dun like. i like it being all over the place but it could be better in terms of organization.

    1. I agree with you @Kytih:disqus ith. Though Google tasks is present on all of my devices, so is Evernote. That’s why I combine them. Both are underpowered, but none of the alternatives helps me with all different platforms that I’ve got.

      What are you using?

  2. What
    about hosted (cloud based) solutions like Unified Communications that also features VoIP integrated with Microsoft Communication Services?  You can literally conduct business from any location and never miss a call or message with its messaging and collaboration feature, real-time presence status with OCS,
    desktop sharing, having voicemails show up as
    an emails, having your office phone transffered to your cell phone, etc. – all of which drastically
    improve productivity.

  3. I was just banging on about a related question on the Focus Q&A site at the other day.

    I would say one of my top productivity tools would be Popplet which i use as a visual thinking tool: they have just released a new iPad version.

    I use Evernote to store notes and clippings, Delicious to file references (I’ll have to check out diggsby tho) and then when i’m doing an outline for an article or thinking about the most efficient way to get things done, i use Popplet to rearrange the ideas and images, video, maps, links and text.

    One of your posts late last year really struck a cord with me when you were talking about your 4 pillars model. I have been considering workflow apps for productivity recently. Ideally, i would map out the workflow of any particular task i have to do (promote content, research target markets, create links, etc) in Popplet (see the image i have attached).

    The next stage of productivity, if i understand what you have been saying with the 4 pillars, would be to use something like my new favorite app or to connect data and join processes between different stages of my work chain. The idea would be to try and automate some of the tedious and time consuming research and promotion tasks, so i can focus on writing and producing more content. The way you wrote about the combination of personal habits and productivity skills got me thinking of trying to use workflow tools to create a rhythm for my workday that reflects what i need to concentrate on in my business.

    Just one last thing, i have finally started to try OmniFlow after you have been recommending it but first i checked your site so i could use one of your links in case you had an affiliate deal going. I try and use affiliate links if i it is someone i have genuinely appreciated reading and learning from, so was surprised to see you aren’t shaking that particular money tree! Like in this article, i think your advice is worth clicking on affiliate links for.

    1. I usually don’t have affiliate links on my website, because the tools that I recommend don’t have affiliate programs. Were you reffering to OmniFocus? Because I am not sure what OmniFlow is 🙂 But I do use it for the workflow

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