Influence of Passion and Creativity on Personal Productivity

Brian Bojan Dordevic
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An often overlooked trait of productivity is creativity. We aren’t living in days of Henry Ford, where one person should get one repetitive task to do over and over again. Management systems have recognized this and diversified their positions. For our amusement’s sake, one of our priorities should be to avoid repeatable tasks, and always do something that’s exciting and engaging.

The impact of repetitive tasks is awful for me, and leaves me procrastinating. I am firmly against these kind of tasks. The boredom of doing something that you have to do is unproductive. Loving the job you do is! A lot of people are talking about passion, and taking it to another level. When you are passionate about something, you will achieve far more than someone who doesn’t have the same drive for what you’re doing. Staying on the top means putting yourself into the matter whole heartedly!

I want to share a personal story of mine. When I graduated banking, I already had enough experience to know what was going to expected of me in my future position. I already had a couple of internships, and knew how banks function inside out. I saw that the bureaucracy and prestige of working in the bank simply faded away with the boredom that came with it. I didn’t pursue banking, because I knew it wouldn’t make me happy.

Was it productive for me to finish banking? I think it was time very well spent, and gave me new insight. Education is extremely important, whether you’re going pursue that particular field or not. The insights I have about the corporate world and how financial systems work changed my world view forever, and I can’t be more grateful to my faculty for their teachings.

What is the “pouka” that you can gain from my story? Pursuing your passion is well worth it, no matter what it is. It’s better that I am a full time, productive blogger than half ass banker. What’s your story? Maybe you always wanted to be a model, but never gave it a shot? Or an actress? I know a lot of people who day dream about something, but never actually put in the effort and sacrifice for it.

My sacrifice when I got into blogging and online business, in general, was that I rejected all the security that I could expect from the old school system. Paycheck on time, full health, and social security benefits. I renounced all of that, and took a shot in pursuing an online career, and I’m giving it my all. I passionately study new things that are related to my new field of work, religiously learning things I need to know in order to get things done.

Passion is a huge factor determining your creativity. When you are doing something different, chances are you are doing something creative. You don’t need to change much in order to be authentic. You being your unique self, will set you apart from the crowd. Somehow, I feel that the system provides security in exchange for the for sweet, dumbing down of your thoughts. It’s happening everywhere (except in Egypt and Lybia 🙂 )

It’s easy to get technical skills and necessary knowledge to get yourself started in any business, and you will succeed where others have failed, if you are following your passion, consistently. If you’re not passionate about something, then no amount of knowledge will help you stay motivated on the topic. You will explode like a roman candle, and burn out twice as quickly.

You are not your job nor how much money you have in the bank. Give it up, wake up, and start following your passion today!


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