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Home is, where your passwords are.

                                   -internet saying

When you have a laptop, desktop, tablet and a smartphone, you really have hard time keeping up with all those bookmarks.  Booksmarks are essential to my creation process, I have all sorts of them. So keeping them in sync available with me, everywhere I go, is of extreme importance to me. And I believe, once you get a hang of it, it will be the same for you.

Xmarks logoWhen you strip away all my devices, all I need is password for my Xmarks and Last Pass to make any computer my temporary home.  Being device independent can make a huge difference for your productivity!

Some good examples of bookmarks that are saving time are:

  • bookmarking a Google Search for currency conversion rates
  • bookmarking a new email that you can send with a simple click
  • Google Reader
  • Bookmarklets for HootSuite, Evernote, Instapaper, these are extremely useful as they are adding additional functions to your browser
  • Bookmarking Goole Docs that you are frequently working on, this basically turned my browser into a file manager
  • Bookmark Folders for grouping relevant information together and not cluttering your bookmark bar
  • Inbox folder – you are new to the folder structure and you still don’t know where you want to bookmark that new webpage.  Default bookmarking folder for me is inbox.  Whenever I bookmark something new, it’s going there, and I organize it later
  • Folder “Tools” – here you can put all internet services that you are frequently using, Grooveshark, Spotify, Google Docs, or any other web based program.
I have a laptop as my main device and I am frequently using iPad and my Android phone.  Keeping bookmarks synced between iPad and a Mac is simple, via iTunes and Safari browsers being compatible, but than merging those same bookmarks in sync with your Android phone is a drag.  For that I am using Xmarks.  Xmarks is free service, that helps you sync all of your bookmarks synced across all browsers and devices.

If you are using it only on desktop browsers it’s free, but if you want it for mobile devices, you need to pay premium, which costs 12$ or 10$ if you buy it in bundle with Last Pass.  It works flawlessly and has bookmark backups and images that you can restore in case something goes wrong.  There is also a web app that helps you manage this sort of thing, so if you are on unfamiliar device, you don’t have to sync it.

I believe after you try out Xmarks, you will view your bookmarks very differently and give them a leg up in functionality.


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