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June wasn’t that productive month, it had all the ins and outs of things going on, left and right, which prevented me from throughly fulfilling my habits.  The goal habit for this month, was successfully achieved, I managed to go to bed earlier than usually, which was about 2 am.  On the bright side, this was a month of immense personal growth, where many new things were learned and skills acquired.

Workout perspective – I remained pretty much disicplined with working out. I had a couple of days of not making it, but my muscles were so sour from the gym, that I didn’t pay that much attention, that I didn’t workout for those couple of days, because of the insane pain that I was going through. Restarted serious trainings in the gym.  For some weird reason I figured out I am procrastinating with the gym, which is a bad thing. I know this, because I always show up 1 hour before the gym closes.  Instead of showing up, at some normal point in time.

Blogging Perspective – This month, there were 6 articles to go live on this blog. This is not the tempo that I want for myself nor for my readers. What is the reason behind slowing down this tempo?  If you haven’t noticed, our domain name changed completely. It took me a few days to figure out what to do with Google Webmaster tools, how to redirect old hosting to a new adress… That is an entire post of things that you need to do, when you are changing domains. It was tedious work, I can tell you that!  Also, I couldn’t make any massive changes to the website, until Google picks up the domain name change, so I had to downplay the publishing tempo, but this month we’re coming back bigger than ever!  Also need to mention, that during the process of moving, we’ve also added the entire Google Apps package to this domain. We’re creating article series to get you covered.

Nutrition Perspective – This month was exceptional for my eating habits. I’ve lost 6 pounds for this time span, even though I ate a lot and took a lot of proteins.  Some of the groceries that came into my life are really good: whole grain rice, tuna, chicken and VEGETABLES.  Now when you are holding a diet there is one problem.  You never feel quite full, but you can cheat your own system with vegetables, especially with the crunchy ones.  When you chew a lot, you are tricking your mind that it ate enough.

Day planning – I didn’t excel at this, but it certainly remained as a habit to take notes of what needs to be done and when. That’s mostly ran on my Android phone, which I plan on changing to iPhone pretty soon.  For the time being I am focused on using Google tasks combined with Google Calendar, but I am inspired with what guys from Asian Efficiency had to say about Omnifocus, so I might make a jump to it.

Take supplements – While I didn’t manage to remember to take them every single day, I did notice the tremendous health benefits over time I started taking them.  Two supplements that I am taking are vitamin and mineral complex and the other one is Omega 3 acids.  It did wonders to my usually fragile immune system.  Simply put I can see the result and it’s very well worth it. I am glad I introduced this as a habit, big time.

Balancing the Day Night cycle – The last habit to implement is doing quite well. There is immense progress compared to my previous lifestyle, where I was going to bed around 4-5 am.  Now it’s toned down to 2-3 am latest, on some evenings even around midnight, which is the goal that I am aiming for.

It’s been half a year that I was running this blog as Increasing Workplace Productivity, now after 6 months of insane growth of this blog, that couldn’t happen without you, my great readers, I decided to take it to a whole new level.  These productivity reports were here to hold me accountable for my habit creation process and they were awesome tool so far.  But instead of just piling up the habits and possibly loosing the old ones in the process, I decided to stop adding up and focus on the fundamentals that I’ve built for the past 6 months. Instead of emphasizing the creation, I will focus completely on developing these 6 habits so far and making them deeper, once I feel comfortable that these are taken care of, I will start expanding again.

This doesn’t mean that I will be any less relentless about what I want for myself and you my readers. Each month is going to be colored with a habit that’s already been created. For the month of July I want to dive in into writing and finish the book that I am promising for far too long!

Now let’s talk about this blog and why it was so productive success.  It allowed me to grow and above all else, held me accountable as a proof that when you want something bad enough, you are going to get it.  So far it had great content for productivity geeks, but it lacked human touch, apart from my personal productivity reports.  With great addition to Alpha Efficiency team, Stefan Stankovic, we’re going to deliver great new content and focus more on your needs, so we’re going back to the basics, those very basics that will help you lay a foundation for your personal productivity success.

What did I achieve for past 6 months with this blog?  I’ve managed to attract great attention with spectacular 10 000 page views. Even more than that, previous domain name got awarded with Page Rank 3, by Google, which means that this website is going to show up more often in search results and spread are sweaty effort even further and hopefully motivate even more people.

Again I need to add, this success would never happen without you, my loyal readers and fellow bloggers. I want to say again, one big thank you!


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