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Have you ever wondered why some websites look more attractive and put together than others? Most times, their secret lies in choosing the best fonts for SaaS websites.

Choosing the wrong font can compromise the overall quality of your web design. Despite your talent and best efforts, you can end up with an average or underperforming design if you fail to pick the correct font.

Fonts play a fundamental role in making a website design a delightful experience for site visitors. The right typography helps readers digest the content easily and hold their attention as they move on through the site.

At some point, we’ve all made poor font choices that undermined the performance of a website. But, after working on over 500 web designs with my digital marketing agency, I learned what works and what doesn’t.

In web design, there is always room for experimentation, but in my experience, there are 7 best fonts for SaaS websites that never fail to complement a website’s functionality. In this article, I’ll tell you about these fonts, which SaaS projects they suit, and as a bonus, some great font combinations to make any site stand out.

Table of Contents:
Best fonts for SaaS websites

How Fonts Can Impact Your SaaS Website Design – And How To Choose The Right One

In the competitive market, businesses don’t only need a great SaaS website design; they need a site that converts. An often overlooked design element that has a huge impact on conversion rates is font.

Typography in web design, when chosen correctly, improves body text readability, creates visual hierarchy, and enhances the user experience. Web designers can follow these tips to ensure they pick the right font for a SaaS company website:

  • Brand consistency: One best practice when choosing fonts is to pick one that aligns with the brand image and personality. A common mistake designers make is choosing a font without considering its relevance to the business’ identity. Before picking a font, ask yourself, is this font relevant to the brand identity? For example, for a SaaS web design, you want to select a font that conveys a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness.
  • Type of content:  It’s also crucial you take into account the type of content the font will accommodate. If the page has minimal text, you can use unconventional fonts or even try experimental typography. Remember that the font must still be readable and accessible to all users. However, if the majority of the page relies on website copy, I advise you to go with cleaner fonts, such as sans serif. That will ensure your content is clean and your site visitors find it easy to read.
  • Accessibility: Your web design must be accessible to all website visitors; make sure to choose a font that works on multiple screen sizes, from laptops and tablets to mobile devices. At all times, prioritize readability and keep in mind users with visual impairments who may struggle to read complex typefaces.
  • Font features: The last aspect to consider when selecting the best fonts for SaaS websites is the font features. Contemplate the present and future needs of the website, and think if the chosen font’s features will meet those needs.

What Are The 7 Best Fonts For SaaS Websites?

Now you know what design aspects play a crucial role when choosing the right font for a SaaS website. You can move on to pick the font.

There are an endless number of free fonts available. That large number can be pretty overwhelming, so I narrowed it down to the 7 best fonts for SaaS websites. By using these fonts correctly, you can almost guarantee to build a functional, attractive, and high-converting design for any SaaS company.


Poppins font example

The first font on this list is highly versatile. You can use it on a plethora of brands, styles, and different styles. Poppins is flawless and modern, making it a safe choice for all types of SaaS websites.

One of the main reasons this sans serif font is a popular choice is its readability and its free commercial use. Poppins is easy to use, makes websites look professional, and is highly customizable. This font looks great in any form – italicized and regular, extra light and thin. That level of versatility enables you to adapt it to any SaaS project, from minimalist graphic design to more eccentric and trendy websites.


Lora - one of the best fonts for SaaS websites

Lora is an elegant font with a unique combination of old-style serif letterforms and modern elements. That combo gives Lora a modern and contemporary feel, delivering a stylish aesthetic to any website.

This font is perfect for large body text. Its brushed curves and slightly condensed letters make extensive paragraphs look more appealing and eye-catching. If your SaaS web design includes a lot of copy, then I would say this is one of your top choices.

Clash Grotesk

Clash Grotesk font

Clash Grotesk is part of the sans-serif font family, but it comes with an interesting twist. When you look at this font, one feature immediately makes it stand out: its letterforms have very small “apertures.” That particular feature makes Clash Gtotesk eye-catching. However, that detail doesn’t go overboard, keeping this font balanced.

Clash Grotesk is optimized for use on large sizes. With some creativity, you can use this font for corporate branding to give your design a unique edge that makes it stand out from the competition.

Playfair Display

Playfair Display - one of the best fonts for SaaS websites

Playfair Display stands out for its bold and strong lines, which make this font perfect for headlines and titles. Designers usually use it for headings in lighter weight, resulting in aesthetically pleasing titles. The font also features condensed characters with open shapes and rounded terminals, so it is also applicable for small font sizes.

This serif font gives a modern, elegant, and feminine vibe, making it an ideal choice for a classy website design with a female demographic.


Lato font for SaaS websites

Lato started gaining popularity when it was included in Google Fonts, quickly reaching the podium as the third most used font for websites. This is a clean and versatile serif sans font that works well for almost any kind of SaaS website.

What made this font become so popular? Lato is simple and highly legible, ideal for body text. It gives websites a human an inviting feel and a sense of sophistication – this font was designed with corporate companies in mind. Lato is a big font family that includes several styles and weights, so you can smoothly adapt this font to match any brand image.


Rosario font example

Rosario is an interesting choice for web design, excellent if you want to add intrigue and interest to your SaaS websites. A relatively new font, still not explored by many designers. If you are to try something new, Rosario looks stunning as light, italic, and bold, making it a highly versatile choice.

This form gives websites an elegant feel, so if you are working on a high-end project, Rosario can be a good option.


Merriweather - one of the best fonts for SaaS websites

A go-to font for hundreds of business websites. It was designed to deliver good readability, and it does an excellent job.

Merriweather makes a website pleasant to read and keeps users engaged. This font can give a SaaS company a confident and commanding identity that is yet friendly and approachable. Merriweather works for serious and playful brands, always striking the perfect balance between professionalism and a welcoming business.

Best Font Combinations: Make Your SaaS Website Stand Out

Best font combinations for SaaS websites

Do you want to make your SaaS website design stand out from its competitors? To create a more striking and unforgettable design, you can combine different font styles.

Using more than one font can transform a simple design into an aesthetically pleasing digital experience that users highly engage with. To this end, you may find it useful to learn how to add font in WordPress Elementor. I wrote a full guide on that; feel free to pay it a read.

Like with any mix, you must be extremely careful and choose design elements right. That means you can simply combine any two fonts you think look good. While they may work well separately, putting them together can not be a good move.

These are my top font combinations for SaaS websites:

Combo #1: Playfair Display and Roboto

While Playfair Display gives off an elegant and playful vibe, this beautiful font makes a statement when paired with the more rudimental style of Roboto. The level of contrast between the two fonts results in an interesting and attention-grabbing design.

Combo #2: Garamond and Lato

Garamond is a serif font mostly used for large text blocks due to its readability. This elegant and timeless font, paired with the cleanliness and simpleness of Lato, gives websites the perfect balance between classic and contemporary.

This combo would be ideal for SaaS businesses in the educational sector or those featuring a majority of text content on their websites, like a blog.

Combo #3: Poppins and Avenir

Poppins and Avenir is a modern and sophisticated combo, ideal for clean and minimalistic websites. Pair them with a minimalist color palette and you will have the perfect balance between functionality and style.

Avenir’s organic and dynamic strokes add a human touch to Poppin’s geometric and spacious style. That contrast works well for logos, tech industries, and creative businesses. Perfect for companies looking to appear innovative and approachable.

Combo #4: Bungee and Open Sans

Bungee is a type of bubbly font. These fonts tend to be bold, fun, and friendly. It’s best to use that type of font on headlines only, as it can be a little too gaudy for body text.

Due to their attention-demanding nature, bubbly fonts pair well with clean and simple typefaces. That way, you catch the reader’s eye without overwhelming them. A great combination is using Bongee in a bold cut for your main headline and Open Sans for the body copy. This combo works well for brands with a modern and friendly vibe and for SaaS eCommerce businesses.

Combo #5: Rye and Lora

Retro font design has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. Vintage-looking designs work well for SaaS businesses wanting to display a nostalgic vibe.

Vintage fonts can be intricate, so it’s best to pair them with classic and clear fonts to ensure good readability without compromising the retro style. You can use Rye for the headline and Lora for the body copy. That combo looks stunning on website banners and will immediately evoke a retro feeling among your site visitors.

Ready To Try Best Fonts For SaaS Websites For Your Next Project?

Your web design font is not another design element you can leave for last-minute decisions. Fonts are not a compliment but the soul of any website.

The right font will make the content easy to digest, scannable, and appealing to users. Furthermore, it will truthfully convey the brand’s identity and message. Conversely, poor font choices will compromise your design functionality and aesthetic appeal.

You can come back to this guide on the best fonts for SaaS websites next time you are in a predicament about which fonts to choose for your project. You can go with a single font or take your design a step further by trying one of the font combinations.


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