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Have you noticed more and more brands using 3D graphic design for their logos? Do you wonder: Are 3D logos a good idea?

3D logos present a wide range of advantages for branding, from grabbing attention and creating visual impact to compatibility across several digital media platforms.

While 3D designs have been around for some time, thanks to novel design technologies and editing tools 3D logo styles have significantly enhanced. Today, you can create more detailed logos to promote your brand identity. You can opt for 3D animated logos and even use logo makers to streamline the design process.

So, are 3D logos a good idea? Well, it depends on the project you are working on, the brand personality, and its goals.

After working on hundreds of logos at my web design agency in Los Angeles, I’ve learned when 3d logos are a winning idea and when it’s best to pass. In this article, I’ll share the pros and cons of using 3d logos for your brand; you’ll find out the benefits of this logo style and whether it is a fit for your branding project.

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Are 3d logos a good idea

Are 3D Logos Making A Comeback?

3D logos were huge back in the early 2000s until, one day, everyone decided to switch to flat designs. That happens; trends come and go, and design styles constantly fluctuate. That leads many designers to wonder: Are 3D logos still relevant today? Yes, they are; in fact, 3D style is among the hottest 2024 logo trends.

As mentioned, new logo editors and design tools are taking this trend to a whole new level, and many brands and designers are already taking advantage of it. 3D logos are still in fashion, and you can use this style to create unique logos that elevate your brand’s visual representation.

However, not every trend is a fit for all brands. While it’s true that 3D logos have some exciting advantages for branding, you must confirm this style aligns with your brand’s mission and identity before jumping into this trend.

One quick way to find out if 3D logos are a good idea for your business is by checking their pros and cons and see if they are a fit for your brand’s goals.

Pros of Using A Creative 3D Logo Design

There is a reason why 3D style is among the most popular graphic design trends in 2024. When used right, this trend can enhance your branding by giving depth and life to our designs. The same benefits apply to 3D logos; let’s explore them a little further:

Excellent At Capturing Viewers’ Attention

Capturing attention with 3d logos

Unlike 2D (flat) logos, 3D designs create the illusion of popping out from the screen. Creating these types of logos involves the use of different design tricks, such as shadows, gradients, and other design elements that add depth and dimension. That gives 3d logos a sense of realism; you feel like you could almost “touch” them.

With that being said, 3D logos take the prize when it comes to grabbing users’ attention. Besides being eye-catching, they are also highly engaging and retain viewers’ attention for longer.

This trend can be the right choice if you are looking for a logo that viewers will remember even after one glance. Well-designed 3D logos never fail to make a memorable impression and keep users interested.

No Compatibility Challenges With Other Digital Platforms

If you are launching a full digital marketing campaign, you will need a logo that works on all the media you will use to promote your brand. Since the logo is the main visual representation of a business, brands will likely want to add it to their website, social media handles, video streaming services, and more.

Serious businesses need a logo that adapts well to different media channels and multiple devices and screen sizes.

3D logos can easily be modified to adapt to different media. Furthermore, if, at some point, the business what to make some slight changes to their logo, this style is also easy to update. All those features make 3D logos a long-term inversion.

Get Creative With 3D Animation And Typography

The 3D design trend is highly versatile, enabling designers to get creative and play with different effects and styles.

One technique designers can use for these logos is 3D typography. This typography style is actually among the 2024 font trends, and it works perfectly if a business wants to include its brand name on its logo design. With 3D typography, you can turn simple text into an immersive and vivid experience.

If you are working on a logo design that includes text, don’t miss out on this trend. You can play with different font styles or use custom fonts. If you are going for a more conventional design, the traditional sans serif fonts will do the trick.

3D animated logos are another great way to create an immersive experience for your users and stand out in a crowded market. They can boost brand recognition, are ideal for storytelling, and can help you convey complex ideas in a simpler, funnier way.

If your brand desires to come across as creative and original, including 3D design elements, such as 3d typography or animation, will help you achieve that.

They Convey Innovation and Modernity

The future of 3D design looks more than promising. With the rise of new technologies and AI design tools, this style continues to evolve. Some predictions include dynamic 3D logo designs that change according to user interactions or data. Another upcoming trend could be 3D logos that include sustainable design elements, showcasing the business’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

As the 3D logo trend advances, tech-savvy and innovative businesses can use this style to display their engagement with technology and modernity. A 3D logo can make your brand seem professional and progressive, which can help you win over the trust and loyalty of your target audience.

Cons of 3D Custom Logo Design

We already saw the pros. It’s time to move on to the cons. Every trend comes with downsides designers must review to determine if the trend is still the right choice or not.

Take a look at this list of cons to decide if 3D logo designs are a good idea for your design project:

3D Logos Limitations – May Need Extra Work To Adapt To Non-Digital Media

3D logo limitations

3D logos look stunning and adapt incredibly well to websites and other digital media. That makes this trend ideal for digital and web design branding. But what happens when the brand wants to take its marketing efforts to non-digital media?

While 3D logos are highly adaptable in the digital world, they don’t have that power in the printed media landscape. But hold on, that doesn’t mean you can not print a 3D logo design. What I’m trying to say is they may require some extra work to make them look as good as on a screen.

For example, some three-dimensional logos may look great on business cards but not so much on caps or T-shirts. Before selecting this trend, evaluate your marketing plan and future goals. Are 3D logos a good idea for this project? Can I afford some future redesigns to make it fit print media?

Can Come Off As Complicated If Not Designed Properly

Just like with any other design style, you can overdo a 3D logo. While this type of logo is meant to stand out, grab user attention, and leave a memorable impression, if you are not careful, you can take it a little too far.

Without proper design skills and research, your 3D company logo can come off as too complex. If that happens, viewers can find your logo difficult to understand, leaving them unaware of what products or services the brand offers.

An overly cluttered logo is also hard to remember. Instead, aim for a simpler design; be mindful of shapes, shadows, negative space, color schemes, and other design elements to create a harmonious 3D logo.

May Not Be A Fit For All Brands

Not every trend is a fit for all businesses. Before jumping into the 3D logo design trend, make sure it fits your brand aesthetic and mission.

3D logos work well for innovative and modern brands with a tech-savvy audience. For example, 3D design can do wonders in the branding of software developers, tech companies, engineering, gaming, and video production studios.

Are 3D Logos A Good Idea For Your Project?

3D logo design is making a huge comeback, and this time, this style is accompanied by modern technologies that upgrade the logo design game.

3D logos can enhance a business’s branding and storytelling, capture users’ attention, and encourage them to interact with the brand. They are a sure way to stand out in a crowded digital landscape and come across as a modern and professional business.

As a designer, you can have fun and explore different styles while working with this trend. The trick to creating great logos is to ensure the 3D trend suits the brand personality. Always keep your logos eye-catching without overdoing it to avoid complicated designs. Do that, and you’ll be on your way to designing professional 3D logos that step up your clients’ brand’s identity and separate them from the competition.


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