2024 Font Trends: 8 Must-Try Fonts for Website Design

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It’s again that exciting part of the year when new graphic design trends begin to emerge. As for the 2024 font trends, there are already some interesting styles placing themselves among the hottest trends of the year.

Due to the importance of typography in web design, staying aware of font trends – what stays, what goes, and what’s new – is a must. Outdated fonts can quickly bring an outstanding design down, making you waste time and precious resources. On the other hand, taking advantage of new font styles can make your designs look modern and stylish.

In this article, I’ll show you which 2024 font trends demand your attention. You’ll learn about the best typography of this season and how they fit different brands so you can always choose the best font for your project.

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2024 font trends

Top 8 2024 Font Trends You Should Try

The design world moves fast, making it challenging to keep up. I have already been exploring some new typography styles at my Los Angeles web design agency to figure out which trends will make it big this year.

If you own a design agency, are a freelance designer, or a design enthusiast, these are the eight 2024 font trends to keep an eye on:

Trend 1: Minimalist Elegance

Minimalist elegance in fonts

Clean and minimalist font styles have been part of trend lists for a few years now, and 2024 won’t be the exception. Simple and aesthetic typography continues to appeal to users and drive sales. Since the minimalist graphic design style is also a hot trend for the year, this type of font is a must-try.

The best minimalist fonts are simple and elegant and provide high reliability. They are characterized by clean strokes, minimal shapes, ample breathing space that evokes a modern feeling, and clear letter spacing. Sans serif fonts are the most chosen typography when it comes to clean and simple trends.

This style is ideal for classy and luxury website design for brands looking to convey a sense of sophistication. They shine the most on web headings, but you can also use them for the body text. Minimalist fonts are highly legible, improving the overall user experience.

Trend 2: Wavy Vintage Appeal

Vintage fonts example

Retro is making a huge comeback in all design aspects, from website and logo design to fonts and social media designs. So, if you were considering getting into retro font design, now is the perfect time.

The vintage style is coming strong with its baseline lines, ornament loops, and artisan flair that deliver a warm and wispy feeling. This is a fun style to work with; this trend is all about bringing elements from the past into modern designs to make unique creations.

There are tons of fonts you can choose for your retro project, or you can even create custom fonts. The most typical typography for vintage projects is classic serif fonts with ornate details. But as I said, you have plenty of other options. Some vintage classics such as Old Standard and the Rumble Brave Vintage Fonts. And bolder ones, such as Malibu and Gunydrops.

The typical curvy lines from vintage typography bring movement and dynamism to any design. This trend can be particularly effective for brands that evoke craftsmanship and artisan flair or want to express a sense of nostalgia or tradition.

Trend 3: Geometric Sans Serifs Fonts

Geometric fonts example

In the last couple of years, we have seen how geometric fonts experienced an increase in popularity. We can expect this font style to keep showing up as everyone’s favorite trend this year.

Geometric sans serif fonts are highly functional; they are easy to read, giving designs a nice visual appeal and making them more accessible for users. Besides being functional, they are also extremely versatile. They are a good choice for both fun and serious companies;  you can make them work for classy brands and also tech-savvy businesses.

Fonts such as Avenir, Migo, Visby, Helvetica Neue, and Futura are perfect to give your designs a clean and polished look.

Trend 4: Subtle Experimental Fonts

Experimental font trend

A few years ago, the boom of experimental fonts became worldwide popular, bringing edgy but almost illegible characters into web design. This year, we are giving that style a switch to bring order to chaos and take the best out of this trend.

I am talking about a subtle, friendly experimental typography where designers have the chance to unleash their creative skills, but they still prioritize accessibility over all things. After all, accessible and easy-to-read sites are fundamental to delivering a good user experience and engaging potential clients.

Unlike traditional or rigid fonts, experimental typography breaks the rules by using unconventional elements, such as exaggerated proportions, abstract shapes, and irregular contours. Thanks to modern design tools, any designer can venture into creating eye-catching experimental fonts that stand out from the competition.

You can use the experimental font to express a brand’s unique image and personality, for creative businesses, to highlight important information on a website, or for bold and edgy company branding.

Trend 5: 1920s Art Deco Style

Art Deco font trends

Art deco design is considered one of the most stylish trends ever. This year, this style is making a comeback straight from the 1920s into the modern web design world.

Classic art deco fonts have a geometric and streamlined aesthetic. They use design elements that translate elegance and symmetry, such as hard edges, exaggerated curves, geometric shapes, and parallel lines. Art Deco typography brings us back to the era of jazz and Egyptomania, giving a touch of glamour to modern designs.

Art deco fonts look stunning in logo design. Their eye-catching nature immediately draws users’ attention and leaves a memorable impression. This is the ideal typography for brands looking to stand out for the sophistication and exclusivity of their offerings.

Some of my favorite art deco fonts include Monday Boulevard, Seahoarse, Metropolis, Indentia, and Contselar. But you can explore the multitude of art deco fonts and find your favorite ones or the one that better fits your work.

Trend 6: Multidimensional Typography

Multidimensional typography

The three-dimensional font is a trend that adds a realistic effect to typography, websites, and logo designs. This style creates the illusion of elements “lifting” from the canvas, giving dynamism and movement to your designs.

The 3D trend has been a thing for a few decades, but thanks to technological advances, today,d designers count on modern tools to create more polished and sticking artwork. Using software such as Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, you can add this effect to any font and create unique 3D typography.

It is an exciting time for multidimensional design trends, as design innovations promise to keep improving this style in the future. You can take advantage of this trend boom by jumping on as it is skyrocketing,

This style takes fonts’ expressive and emotive dimensions to a higher level, captivating users and encouraging them to interact with your content. Try this trend for innovative brands, futuristic branding, or you simply want your work to stand out from 2D flat designs.

Trend 7: Funky and Chunky Typography

Funky & Chunky 2024 font trends

The next trend is a playful and fun one. Funky and chunky fonts are popping up among many brands this year. Their 70s-style flair is bold and expressive, breaking all conventional typography rules.

This trend’s letterforms vary from traditional rules by featuring unexpected angles, irregular shapes, and quirky curves. Flourishes, swirls, and exaggerated serifs give these fonts a funky aesthetic, making each individual character stand out.

Thick strokes and heavy lines define the chunky and funky font style. That boldness improves readability, draws attention, and translates a sense of confidence and strength.

Funky and chunky typography looks great on poster and packaging design. The style is also a valuable tool for web and app design for brands looking to forge a memorable identity. You can use it on headings, banners, and even call-to-action buttons to capture users’ attention.

Trend 8: Font Pairing and Combination

If you like being creative at the workspace, get ready because the font combination style is setting off to become one of the most popular 2024 font trends. You stretch your imagination as far as it goes to create unique font pairings that demand attention.

Picture this: you choose a heavy and bold font for your web headings, and you pair it with an elegant, slender font for the rest of the layout or page text. I am talking about mixing different styles, weights, and even entirely different fonts – the possibilities are endless. You can even dive into abstract typography.

By blending fonts that usually we don’t see together, such as geometric sans and calligraphy fonts, you can create a design that attracts a diverse audience. If your design has a unique font pairing, leaving a long-lasting impression on users is almost guaranteed. Plus, you can use font combinations to experiment and give your design the brand’s unique personality.

SaaS sites can significantly benefit from this trend. I wrote an article on the best fonts for SaaS websites where I talked about my favorite font combinations. Feel free to take a look at it and find inspiration for your next SaaS design project.

Ready To Try These New Font Tends?

2024 is coming with a bunch of new and exciting typography trends for web design. We are leaning into the future with experimental fonts and looking back at the good old days with retro typography.

It’s going to be a good year to explore different trends, blend styles, and create unique web designs and logos that deliver memorable branding.

The key is to select the 2024 font trends that are both trendy and showcase the brand’s identity. Keep that in mind, and you’ll be one step closer to developing functional and aesthetic web design that lands more customers for your clients.


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