When Productivity Apps Miss: My Issue with Workflow

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When I first heard about Workflow, I was really excited. A beautiful-looking iOS app that promises to unlock the power of your iPhone?  Sign me up!

I’ve been a stalwart fan of apps like Drafts and Launch Center Pro, even if – by my own admission – my use of them can be sporadic. Drafts blew my mind, when I first downloaded it and Launch Center Pro is probably one of my most useful apps, though I’m only using a tiny fraction of its potential.


I don’t know why, but my experience with Workflow was different.  I’ve really struggled to “get it.”

Don’t get me wrong, I understand how it works, though I had to check out a few handy primer pages to get the gist. But still, even knowing what it’s capable of, I couldn’t find a gap in my workflow to put it to work.

Try as I might, I can’t find many uses for Workflow.


As it stands today, I have two “workflows” in Workflow. One is a shortcut for copying web page titles and hyperlinks to the clipboard (for easy pasting to social media), the other a handy little “reading list” Evernote hack I stumbled upon by Brett Kelly.

Do I use these daily? Not even close.

I don’t know if it’s app saturation – that Workflow was beaten to the punch in my particular case by Drafts, IFTTT, Dispatch – or if there’s a more fundamental reason why I haven’t engaged with Workflow. It’s possible that I’m just too fatigued with automation to invest the time required into discovering why so many people think it’s awesome. But I never felt that way about Drafts.

I’m not saying Workflow isn’t a great app – It looks great and people I know and respect rave about it. But for me?  It’s a miss.


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