Thoughts on Task Management Promiscuity and Minimalism

Brian Bojan Dordevic
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Brian Dordevic

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Task management promiscuity is something I never had issues with, but seems like Mike Vardy is having a lot of mistresses up his sleeve. I am not sure that his wife would appreciate the number of task management app he’s dating with 🙂 Or perhaps Omnifocus is supposed to be jelous? 🙂

In his latest blog posts he reflects on productivity gestalt, where he tries to explain how his various task management tools actually work better than they would individually.

While I love his enthusiasm, I can’t operate the same. Knowing him, he is quite certainly pulling it off, and pulling it off successfully, but I am not one of those people. I love to operate under one up, for one segment of work.

If I am writing, I want to do it in one app, two of them at maximum.

For task management I can have only one. And for my notes likewise.

And all of these have synergy, but than again I have a tendency to downsize my system.

Pay attention

Regardless of what Mike and I think, there is always a bare minimum that needs to be taken into consideration when any amount of work needs to get done.

It doesn’t matter wether you’re going to have 3 or 5 applications being your “power rangers”, what really matters is does that allow you to get your work done with the least amount of friction as possible.

If you accomplish your task at hand with only one app, than it’s your right to do so, and an obligation. If you need 3,7 or even 10? Who are we to judge. But in the end, redundancy is what we have too much apps as it is. So before you install yet another application, ask yourself do I really need that?

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