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Why I unfollowed everyone on Twitter, and why you should too

So I did this strange thing, and I liked it quite much. When you are following more than 1000 people your stream gets flooded, so in the end, you stop watching your timeline. And I wanted to make Twitter about me. So I unfollowed literally everyone. And started fresh. Started acting as a regular user would, instead of following everyone else in order to get a follow back. Follow/unfollow tactics are a thing of the past. And not a really good social media strategy. I know that a lot of people who are into blogging, leveraged this spammy tactic to a whole new level of game, but eventually, it’s diverting me back from the main product of my blogging, and it’s actually writing!

My girl actually inspired me, because she said pretty simple yet effective thing: “Hey, this Twitter is awesome, it allows you to follow your interests!” Than the lightbulb went on in my head. Why wouldn’t I use it to do the exactly same thing, just follow the things that I think are interesting. I hit the hard reset button and started again. Will I lose some followers? Definitively! Will I waste less time on Twitter, feels like it. At this point I am following 15 people. My Twitter timeline doesn’t get new updates every second like it used to. It might be dead, but it’s actually rich. It  allows me more time to focus on each and every individual tweet, instead of rushing through the timeline in order to find that new nugget and save it in the Instapaper.

I did that on my main account, I still have a couple of other accounts as entities that are representing my websites, but with this personal one, I decided to take this approach, and it actually became the account that is my default. Yep, just following the people that I care about, simple as that. Less time, more engagement and fruitfully spent time.

Now, this account is linked with my Evernote. There is nifty little trick that allows you to save every Tweet that you put out there if you mention @myEN somewhere in your article, and it will end up in your inbox. So when I retweet someone and I want to save his message, this is the way I go about it. Instead of using the Twitter web, I am using it through HootSuite. HootSuite is actually a life saver for people who deal with a lot of social media, like I do. I keep all client accounts on this one, as well as my other social media outlets.

At the end of this short story, on what I’ve done to my personal Twitter account, I am wondering how are you using it? I am wondering who do you love seeing in your timeline? How keeps you updated on the things that are peeking your interest? Share your answers in the comments bellow.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

13 responses to “Why I unfollowed everyone on Twitter, and why you should too

  1. I have not gone as far as you. I went from following about 2k to about 600 and now I am back up to about 700ish. Sounds high compared to yours, but so much better than it was before.

  2. I also use Hootsuite and rarely use my homefeed. I have a stream of people I engage with and who have rt’s me and I pull them from my mention stream to my Engaged stream and that becomes my real homefeed. I also have my inner circle stream. I go to my homefeed here and there but I spend more time with the accounts who engage me back. I simply look at the bio and tweets of people who I follow and don’f follow accounts I am not interested in but I do know that following is part of being followed on Twitter.

    1. @RossQuintana:disqus thank you for your valuable insight! Would really love to have more comments such as this one. I used to create list, but I feel as if it was daunting task and that it was more trouble than the positive effect it brought.

      Looking forward seeing you back on Alpha Efficiency.

  3. I use and created a list called #iCareWhatTheySay, added myself to the list and all of the peep that I want to hear about. allows columns. First column is my twitter timeline, center column is #iCareWhatTheySay and the 3rd is mentions to me. Now twitter is fun again and I have to unfollow nobody 🙂

  4. I can’t function without “lists” in Twitter. I rarely check my home feed and simply check my lists.if it were not for lists I would not use Twitter at all.

    1. I used to be quite dependant on lists also, but I grew tired of organizing them and fidgeting the lists constantly. This way I get exactly what I want, when I want.

  5. it’s scientifically proven that you cannot keep up with more than 250 tweet followers – it’s the median in most social media, but is particularly relevant with twitter. More than that, their messages get lost.
    I only follow those of interest, and keep it under 250. I use twitter like a personal news and hobbies feed.

    1. Yes, try it on your reboot. Twitter etiquette is pretty ingrained, so focus is key. Like this post, when the people are interested you know it. Have a great day!

  6. Hmmm…I’m a little (but not tons) baffled by your “un-follow all” conclusion as a solution. My sense is the outcome is so easily also gained by the non-drastic approach of using HootSuite or TweetDeck. I see posts of real value I’d NEVER know to be tuning into come into my various columns because about twice weekly I really DO enjoy perusing through them for the possibilities.

    All the same, I do appreciate you writing up your rationale. I’d not personally actually noticed your “un-follow” and just discovered your write-up completely through sheer serendipity today. I was glad for the stumble-on. In my own case, Twitter is definitely NOT about me. I’ve tons of great tribe active on it and love the fact it helps me both keep up with them plus forward some of their rich posts onto colleagues, most especially those still on the Twitter-fence.

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