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For quite a while I was looking for iPhone blogging solution. In the meanwhile, my needs extended to markdown and easy HTML implementation.

My search is over

As Drafts became my default iPhone text input and idea backup, the logical next step was to find an app tha will handle markdown with ease and allow me to seamlessly publish my thoughts and ideas. Drafts by itself didn’t have an option to publish to WordPress.

Blogging productivity brought to a new level

We know that iPad and blogging worked already with Blogsy, but we didn’t have the similar solution for iPhone, until now.

Introducing Poster for WordPress

Poster is not a great app. With all due respect it lacks even the horizontal typing mode, but it has these 2 insane advantages!

  1. It allows you to import markdowned text files from Dropbox, as an article for your blog!
  2. It allows you to post straight from the Drafts!

These features alone made me spend 4$

And it was very well worth it. Entirety of this article was formatted and written on iPhone in Drafts.

Kinks and flaws

Headline has not yet been implemented properly for the Poster, and that doesn’t make this setup perfect. Seeing that this functionality works in other apps, I will assume this is something that Poster needs to work out.


Poster for WordPress caters a specific niche. All the passionate writers of short form blog posts from iPhone should definitively check this app out combined with Drafts! While it’s still not perfect, I assume that developer will pay more attention to the details, and will aspire to make amazing.


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