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This is actually my first serious attempt to write and publish an article completely from an iPad. Usually when I was out I was only drafting articles and generating ideas, this time I wanted to take it to another level. If you are worried weather it’s possible or not, I can give you an answer right now, IT IS and it’s way worth it!

I can tell you right now that I am missing my keyboard, and that I feel as I am writing at way lower speed than I am usually writing, but there are certain advantages to that. You can think more clearly and accurately about the things that you are going to publish on the internet for everyone to see. Now if you can’t grasp the idea of slower typing, you can always get an external bluetooth keyboard, even though you will loose some of ultra mobility.

Because I am out, and I have a lot of distractions from external environment I find awesome purpose for headphones. You play your favorite music or podcast and all those distractions are going to dissappear. There is certain artistic feel to writing while there are thousands of people passing you by and carrying their stories with them.

Now the software I am using on this ocassion is Blogsy, 5$ application, which is worth every cent. It is rich text editor, that greatly surpases Native WordPress app for iPad!

Once you destroy the mindset that you need to have serious computer for publishing, location freedom starts. Being able to work almost anywhere is critical skill for 21st century bloggers, as we are greatly dependant on consistently pushing high quality content. Now we can cover events real time as they happen on reliable device that won’t fail us in dire straits!

In order to maintain remote blogging, we are dependant on having premium battery life, which is exactly what you get with this device. It is reliable, period. And quite an inspiration to me as well. No matter that I have this device for over 4 months, I still find it amazing that it is working flawlessly for so long, without even restarting it ever. Seems I was Microsoft client for far too long 🙂

Regarding Blogsy, It is remarkable ally in our blogging efforts. Not only it allows rich text editing, it is also maximizing your 10 inch workplace while allowing you to browse in the same window, while writing your articles at the same time. Searches that are available to you are: Flickr, Google Picasa, YouTube, Google Image search, Internet browser, camera roll and wordpess…

I will have to admit that I started doubting that iPad is capable of any serious use to bloggers at all, until I found this app! I almost thought of selling it, because at current state of affairs I can’t afford myself to have a toy that will distract me and won’t bring anything of value to the table apart from entertainment. Now I can say I am completely wrong, as you can see by reading this article.


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