Book Review: “Evernote: The Unofficial Ebook”

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Daniels book is bridging the gap between Evernote and paper based system “Getting Things Done”. It is written for very specific audience of people who are practicioners of this skill and users of Evernote, which is quite likely to be, considering the productivity relation between the two.

Book contains 45 pages and it’s formatting is absolutely fantastic.  All the information dispalyed are easily obtainable and structured in a good form.  Not to mention that it’s in my Evernote already, ready to be searched when I need to reference to it again, and I will have to, there are great tips inside of it.

Writing style is conversational and makes you instantly feel connected to Daniel as your friend.  He is explaining daily use of Evernote through great examples. And even though I consider myself power user of Evernote I found many tips that I simply overlooked!  Daniel is deeper into “Getting Things Done” than I will ever be, so his work is of crucial importance to those who want to keep close to original style of David Allen’s work.


Even though his book is a direct competitor of my upcoming Evernote product, I simply can not avoid giving it heads up for the quality it has.  This book is dirt cheap right now, for 5$ you are getting great content that delivers your money’s worth.  It’s only flaw is that it’s written for really specific audience, but that’s a great thing if you fall into this category.

Should you buy it?

If you are serious about your productivity you should consider this book.  It might not provide you as much value if you aren’t familiar with Getting Things Done, so if you find yourself unfamiliar with this technique, maybe you should check David Allens work first, and get this book later, or just get them in bundle.

Now I almost forgot that Daniel is offering product lifetime updates, which is insanely important for an information product such as this one. Evernote is ever changing platform, and those updates can mean a lot and help you milk those sexy new features Evernote rolls out. (Update: As promised, in the meanwhile Daniels book got updated with 30 additional pages of fresh content.) This value added makes this book a steal.

One more great thing, this product is sold via trusted website, called DigitalDeliveryApp. Your information are safe there, since they are reputable business.  So if you are Evernote user and GTD practitioner, this book is a must have and you should get it here.

Update: This book got revised again, and it slipped my attention. There is audio version also available.


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