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Now, instead of standard review of the productivity stuff, I decided to test something fun and totally unproductive. This tweak is your lock screen tweak and integrates Twitter and Facebook seamlessly.


I liked the product. It’s a 10$ purchucse on Cydia. I believe you can ripp them off and try it for a couple of more days on rogue repositories.

It’s worth your buck, but before you purchuse, consider these couple of pointers. If you are running iPhone 4 (without S) be prepared that it might slow down your phone, especially if you are like me and have a bunch of other tweaks installed.

On the bright side, this is one of those tweaks that are suuper fun. If you want to have Twitter with you all the time, this is the way to do it. It’s going to keep popping on your lock screen, so every time you look at your phone, you will be able to catch up with Twitter.

I found this extremley distracting. I found myself checking back my phone, like a chimpuck on extazy. It would pull the feed real time. Also other features include RSS feeds, this can come in handy to some people.

Facebook is also updated, but as always with Facebook, I’ve found it too distracting and cumbersome, so I’ve ditched it. Apart from RSS and social media, it had some other cool features, like replacment for SB Settings, which integrated rather nicely. Was simplified, but since I already had SB settings it was redundant.

So why didn’t I go with this upgrade? My main concern was battery life, and it affected it dramatically for the worse. No, most probably I could live with it, but if I would clutter my memory, this would significantly slow down my phone.

Would I recommend it to you? If you intend to use your phone mainly as your Twitter client, and you don’t mind liberating ram, and you don’t intend to use numerous other tweaks out there, than this tweak can sort out quite the number of your needs.

Otherwise I would avoid this incredibly fun tweak. I do recommend that you try it out for the trial period, which lasts a couple of days and bring your own judgment. You will have fun, I promise.


Here is another review from a fellow YouTuber which confirms my opinion about it.


Did you try out IntelliScreen X? What is your opinion?


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