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I am twaeking my social media setup for past couple of days and can’t seem to rest upon it. I am going on between Hootsuite, native Twitter client and Tapbot.

The main reason why I am making the switch in my social media setup is actually Instapaper. Instapaper proved to be financially inefficient to me, when compared to Pocket.

Pocket is free, has a desktop client (ReadLater) which works rather well. Instapaper doesn’t have a desktop client at all, but syncs with ReadLater if you pay 1$ per month. While this wouldn’t bother me had I not already paid the app itself 5$.

Okay, big deal, I can’t use the API on it’s own, save it for “premium subscribers”. Now the next imposing limitation is I can’t use search. I believe we used to have search before, it was just imposed as a limit a couple of months ago, while I didn’t pay attention.

Seems that Pocket has free desktop client, free iOS client and on top of it all it, search is free. Now why would I pay for free stuff, I am not sure. I was kinda brand loyal towards Instapaper for a little bit too much. It’s time to go out to greener pastures.

On top of all the differencies, Pocket has more features related to video that I didn’t still see. Now this brought me to another point.

Since Hootsuite only had an option to add articles to Instapaper, seems like it meant for me, that I have to change my whole social media setup. Painful job, but somebody had to do it. Took me like 2 hours to set everything up.

Adding Pocket accounts to Zite, Flipboard, newly tested Tweetbot.. The Tweetbot was especially a pain, cause I had to add an account for every Twitter account I used. It was all daunting, but now I can read my articles on my laptop. And sometimes I love to do that on a big nice 23 inch screen.

Now only thing that left me wondering is there a way to migrate from Instapaper to Pocket?



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