Alpha Efficiency Podcast Session #3 – On Evernote With Daniel Gold

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In the third episode of Alpha Efficiency podcast I am proud to present our guest Daniel Gold. He is a lawyer with a passion for productivity, and recently he published a book called Evernote Unofficial Guide. Full name of the book is: “Evernote®: The unofficial eBook to capturing everything and getting things done!” It’s very good book with lots of value adding content.

Daniel Gold

In the podcast you will be able to hear some preview of what awaits for you in the book, as well as actual content related to all things Evernote. We are covering also some Apple centric topics regarding Lion and iOS. You will be able to see how GTD works from the lawyers perspective.

Lots of good information in this one, so I won’t keep you waiting… Here it is:

Evernote with Daniel Gold


1. Review of the book on Alpha Efficiency

2. Place to start if you want to connect with Daniel Gold

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