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Login problems with Mac App Store – solved

I encountered one problem on my MacBook Pro and it left me quite depressed.  Each time I wanted to login and check for the new Apps I couldn’t. This was quite the issue because I am awaiting for the new update of Mac OS X Lion, which brings some good new changes to Apple computers and bridges the gap between iOS and Mac OS.

So after browsing quite a while I found a good solution that can help you in three easy steps.

Step #1 – Open Terminal

Step #2 – Paste this

rm -rf ~/Library/Preferences/
rm -rf ~/Library/Preferences/
rm -rf ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/*

Step #3 – Press Enter.

Viola, your problems with logging into App Store are solved! You can now purchase apps and keep them up to date all the time. And I wish you successful update to Lion OS X!

Disclaimer: If this didn’t help you, please leave a comment so I can find a more viable solution for you, this solved my login issues on Mac, it doesn’t mean it will solve your as well.

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Brian Djordjevic
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Brian Dordevic

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28 responses to “Login problems with Mac App Store – solved

    1. I used it on Snow Leopard, so I could download OS X Lion. I didn’t test it on Lion, but since basis of OS’s is pretty much the same, apart from the graphics I think you could try it if you are adventurous. I tested it without prior backup on Snow Leopard.

    1. If you find solution can you come back here and share it? A pot of people with the same problem end up on this article, so it would be great way to help people who are facing the same issue.

  1. Hi, my app store still won’t log me in. When i try to log in it says “an unknown error has occurred. Have any tips?

  2. This didn’t solve my problem, sorry. I’m not a techie person so I’m not sure. Like after I press enter, that’s it? am I supposed to save it? Thank you in advance!!

    1. Rebecca,

      I assume that the Mac App Store should be closed during the terminal tweak application. And after you are finished you should start it agian. If this doesn’t help, it means that we didn’t have the “same” problem in techie way. If that is the case I don’t know how to help you. If you find a solution to your problem I would appreciate if you could share it with me.

      1. OH okay. It worked!!! Sorry I was so eager to make it happen that I forgot to quit the app store. Thank you thank you!!

  3. Hello,

    it don’t working by me 🙁
    I paste: rm -rf ~/Library/Preferences/
    rm -rf ~/Library/Preferences/
    rm -rf ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/*
    in terminal and i push at the enter button..
    and then.. noting is gonna happen..

    1. If you used Tiny Umbrella for jailbreaking your iPhone or saving SHSH blobs, you might have messed up the proxies. That’s what happened to me, when I was messing around in Terminal today. If that’s not the case, check wether you have Flashback trojan. Google for it, there are tools to help you clean it up. Apart from that, I am not fully sure how to help you, without more details.

  4. a) I do not have any 3rd party which causes this problem
    b) Your suggestion did not work for me
    c) Norton Anti Virus was my problem!

    This solution worked for me. I have SL, 10.6.8! (allow storeagent)

    YES! for me it was Nortons firewall the whole time!!! tried next to everything on here until (perhaps stupidly) Ichecked Nortons setting, sure enough it was. here’s how it went down:
    1) try loging into the appstore-you will now establish the “block” history in norton.
    2) got to norton firewall application and under the status tab, view history…you will see recently allowed and blocked items…you may also noticed (as was my case) that the app store application, storeagent, etc were just blocked.
    3) if certain items were blocked, go to the firewall tab, click on the configure button on connection blocking, click add application, then select the app store, etc to allow connections click done
    4) still in firewall tab, click configure on application blocking, scroll down the various application paths and find the items that were recently blocked (for me I allowed the storeagent and submitdiaginfo-as those were just blocked per my history)
    5) try the app store-hopefully the window now pops up for you

    if this doesn’t work for you, just start at page one of the thread and work the solutions until it clicks-mine ended up being stupidity on my part-but there seems to be TONS of issues that cause this same problem.

    chalk one up for the computer illiterate

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