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What motivates us as individuals? What gives us the signature of uniqueness in nowadays society circles? Is it creation? What we do, what we try to do, to achieve, to make something that will stay tall as a symbol of what we accomplished.


How to achieve success by creating something valuable?

There are many unique qualities in each and every one, but the ability to make something, to create- well that’s one of the biggest. No matter whether it’s something more of an art, written word in any form, even a single idea when that matters. And in order to make any of this possible we need that little spark of something called inspiration. When inspired even for a second, every little thing is possible, and our potential expands to the extent of its maximum.

But let’s face it- It’s so damn hard to find that spark nowadays. To find that little something that moves the creation process from squat. To ignite that hidden potential when it comes to creative capabilities. We live in a routine more or less, go through the same all the time, forget the power of the new, unknown. Thus our search for inspiration even though bigger ends up quite quickly.

And we are creative creatures by our nature. It is in our innate code to live in order to create. It is funny how through time we even learned how to make a living out of all of that. So you can see people creating art in the form of music, painting, written word… No, really some of them have to be inspired all of the time. Their living depends on it. Imagine musicians, or actors, or painters, or poets, writers, designers. Creative process is even embedded in the corporate scale- marketing and advertising experts, people that have to come up with ideas all of the time. Even in all others – all of us want to make a contribution to this world by creating something original, a thought, even.

But why are we lacking inspiration?

    • The demand gets bigger

I bet you’ve heard about something called “writers block”. And this can apply with slight variation in words to any other profession or aspect of life involving creativity. The thing is, more and more is asked from you, and you simply get out of ideas, out of inspiration, out of concentration and with no idea how to improve your concentration or how to get inspired. There is more than one project going, many places where we have to shine, more and more outlets for creativity. Well, we simply empty our charges in a way.

    • Fast pace and turmoil lifestyle

This is also a reason. Giving the schedule many people have, it’s no wonder that there is lack of inspiration. We as a society know more than any other how to kill our creativity.  It even seems like we are finding new ways every day. Sometimes even an effective time management is not enough.

So how to get more inspired? How to push the tip of the iceberg in order to provoke a snowfall?

Here is what you can try:

  1. Start reading books. And not just any book that comes along the way. Search for the authors that have the power to inspire, to awake some deep emotions, to point you in the right direction. Here you should usually go for inspirational writers, but also self improvement and motivational titles can add to this. Also reading objectively written pieces that tackle these questions can evoke some depth in thinking, therefore ignite inspiration. I personally suggest reading Martin Heidegger- he has written many great ideas and observations regarding this.
  2. Watch movies.  Yes, it can inspire too. There is much in a movie that can serve as an inspiration. The characters presented, the intense story, the whole aesthetics jewel composed by music, acting, scenes, and visual enjoinment.
  3. Listen to some music. This is maybe one of the greatest methods. Listening the music you like can make a huge contribution to your creativity and many ideas will rush through in an instance. I personally enjoy classical music, but anything can do the trick.
  4. Having a conversation with someone that challenges you can also result in some great ideas. While having your thoughts confronted by someone, and you are leading a rich conversation, even the moment alone can inspire you a great deal.
  5. Have a walk. This is the one I enjoy the most. I take my dog for a walk and enjoy the solitude for a moment. Being alone with your thoughts for some time can maybe serve as the best option if you are facing lack of inspiration. The possibility to arrange your thoughts, your ideas in turn provokes many others and before you know it, you are overwhelmed with ideas and you have more inspiration than you’ve asked for.
  6. Go to a theatre or a live performance. It’s much different from consuming the work of art just by yourself. The energy there will spark inspiration for sure, and you will start to like this, and make it a habit of your own, an addiction, even.
  7. Visit a seminar, or maybe some inspirational speaker. The depth this alone holds can make a great addition to your creativity. Listening to others that have been there, or are heading there alongside with you can serve as a great opportunity for you to gather some ideas and inspiration.

I strongly believe that following these practices can provide you with a constant stream of inspiration on the long run. You will feel it as soon as you apply some of them. You will be able to tell for sure. No matter our professions, or the demands or expectations that are required from us, these are some great ways to supply us with some new ideas. I’m very interested how this works for you. You practice some of these, or have couple of your own that you will like to share with us? Really, don’t hold them for yourself- spell them out. We are always interested to hear how do you handle the lack of inspiration.

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