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I know that there are many of you out there who are dreaming big about their online business, while working for someone else. Financial urge pushed me into getting the job, so I can take things do the next level. Luckily, I am a positive thinker, and instead of working less on my blog, I will actually invest more of my time efficiently into pushing out meaningful content.

In other terms, time has became scarce in my life. This is the first job in my life that required commute, so to all of you my fellow commuters, now I finally share the pain of wasted time with you, from job and to job. While that time is highly unproductive and wasteful, there are certain things you can do. Now I am not talking about this from a point of commuting to job for whole straight day, but in general, whenever I am commuting, I am listening to podcasts. And so I did today as well. Turns out to be massive advantage over commuting with nothing in mind.

Scarcity of time is pushing me to achieve more, not less. The very fact that I am renting myself to employer is inspiring me to deliver more tangible results in order to finally “break up” from “9 to 5”, even though I am forced to live it. I am quite convinced that if you over deliver results, you will be able to persuade your boss to let you work from home. Your employer isn’t concern weather you’re gonna be in the office or home, as long as the cash piles are coming in. Identify your results and high return activities. Nothing sells you better than numbers behind your actions. Take advantage over that and learn what are the highest value activities.

The fact that you are doing those for someone else, will just make you double think about your personal time investment. If you are helping someone else establish a business, you might as well use the little time you have to do the same for yourself. Another thing that is good about me getting involved in a new work is that I will have a topic to relate with my readers who are already 9 to 5-ers. We will have a whole new topic to discuss about.

One big lesson that I’ve learned from just being one day in the office is the importance of fighting distractions. I’ve already came up with ideas on how to combat distractions to an extent. They can’t be nullified as well as you can avoid them completely at home, but they can be brought down to a minimal level. The only office room that is empty throughout the most of the day is board room. Sneaking into there while it’s empty can grant you at least 2-3 hours of undistrubed work time. More than enough time to get most important tasks out. Especially those tasks that require your undivided attention. Timeboxing is critical. Take advantage of board room, it’s pure gold.

Second way of fighting the distractions are headphones. You gotta love them! They can plug you of from environment and give you the much required “solitude” in the packed office. It might be considered impolite, but if it gets the job done, you shouldn’t care much. You are there to get paid and deliver the tangible results. Don’t forget to bring your headphones!

And final tip for those people who rely on computers. First thing I did in my team was introduction of Dropbox. It made my life, and life of my team insanely easier. I made a Dropbox account specially for company, within it I created a shared folder and distributed it with my coworkers. Delivery of material was as simple as drag and drop, and later on I didn’t have the urge to have huge email correspondence in order to share files. If you are not using Dropbox within your team, do so immediately, saved my life on day one! There were more than 20 files shared in one day, imagine how many emails saved, and how many files neatly organized in one place.

Do you have a 9 to 5 job in the office? Does the commute drives you nuts nearly as it drives me crazy? I would love to hear your point of view!


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