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Recently I have finished a self help classic called: “Think and grow rich”, by Napoleon Hill. Catchy headline always repelled me from this book, I always felt like it implied some get rich quick scheme. But I knew it was an old book, written far back in the 30ies. And I noticed that a bit by bit, somebody online recommends this book, or gives it out for free, because it’s copyright expired.

Throughout this book, Napoleon is talking about principles of succes that guide all the successful people of his time. But in order to be successful, you need to hang out with successful people. But what if you aren’t successful? What if  you don’t have any of those people at your disposal? It’s not a time to feel sorry about yourself, because there is no one, but it’s up to you to invent them.

The basic idea in the book lingers in the form of imaginary board, and you being the chairman of that board. That board consists of all the people that you admire the most throughout human history, dead or alive. Assemble the board and let them help you on your goals. Communicate with them. Yes, I am telling you that if you want to pull your creative potential out of yourself, you need to be a loony, and feel good about it!

Now you are one step ahead of anyone else, you will be even happy that you are thinking unconventionally. Unconventional thinking will help you find solutions to problems that otherwise you wouldn’t find. So let me tell you who are members of my secret board (they aren’t so secretive anymore I guess). My executive advisor board is not yet assembled, if you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments. Here they are, by the order of importance:

1. Alexandar the Great – for being the benchmark of human achievement and time it took him to do that.

2. Leonardo Da Vinci – for being the greatest genius of all times.

3. Steve Jobs – for being the best CEO of all times.

4. Leonidas – For leading few, against many. Being the epitome of bravery of men.

5. Gaius Julius Caesar – for being a great general and a statesmen, who loved the people.

6. Nikola Tesla – for his scientific breakthroughs, which transformed our lives in a profound way.

7. Nietzsche – for rebellious spirit and teaching me that there are things “beyond good an evil”







These blank spots are left on purpose, because I want you to help me out and decide who should join my imaginary board, and who would you put into yours. I am very interested who would be the number 1 person to join yours.

Hope you enjoyed this fresh idea, and if you want to dwell deeper into organizing your imaginary board, I certainly recommend that you buy the book and see other amazing principles featured in “Think and Grow Rich”. Paperback preferably, it’s one of those books, that you would like to have in physical form, jot down some ideas and keep it warm near your hand and near your heart.



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