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Did you know that you can use Facebook as email? Yes, it’s really simple, but often times when I want to register account on some website that I don’t particularly like I am gonna use this email address, because Facebook mail has a perfect way of resolving your issues of spam. Anything that isn’t a message from your friend, ends up in outer mailbox, which can sustain infinite emails, but is never intrusive on notifying that there is something present over there.

This makes it a perfect solution as a junk box. You might wanna try something out, register somewhere temporarily, or simply get an ebook, while not getting all the updates from spammy people for the years to come. This is the perfect solution for that. All you have to do is to claim your vanity url. Vanity url is a link to your personal profile. My vanity URL looks this way:

If you want to create it, you need to check this link. If you haven’t chosen the nickname, it will prompt you to do so. Once you choose, your newly created email will look something like this:

Now, if you try receiving an email at that address, you will most likely not receive anything. Yep, you won’t even notice it. You actually have to go to your inbox, and than furthermore click “other”. It’s located here ->

If you simply want to send an email from your Facebook, you can do so easily. Instead of typing the name of your friend and waiting for it to auto populate, you simply type in the email address to where you want to send your email. I am quite sure that this will be quite useful to people who don’t like using email at all, and rely all their communication to Facebook.

Now every time someone asks you for email, you can just hand them out your Facebook email. Especially if they want to send you some promotional material or advertising. They can send it to “Other” inbox, where you will not check out regularly. Except if you want to check out what’s being promoted 🙂

Clean up your main email, with Facebook.


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