Thoughts on the new iPad Pro 9.7″

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I was anticipating a beast with 4 gigs of RAM, better pixel density on the screen, thinner and lighter device. Instead I’ve got the replica of iPad Air 2, with no sign of significant improvement. This made iPad Air 2, already the best buy, the even better by. I believe, that this is one of the rare times, where I am actually skipping the new device, as it is not bringing literally anything new to the table.

Performance will be more or less the same, and as such, except for better speakers (I listen to the music on my phone with headphones), I don’t get any significant boost over the current device that I have. And somewhat I am happy for my wallet.

Productivity wise, I don’t feel like there will be a major boost for anything work related. The only obvious difference on the new iPad will come to gaming, and similar. Smaller iPad pro is for someone who had much older iPad, and needs a replacement device ahead of the iOS10. For someone who is already on the iPad Air 2, or iPad Mini 4, this new device brings almost no improvements worthy of the upgrade.

So I guess, for the time being I am sticking with my current device, and patiently anticipating the next device that is on the horizon…


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