How to get things done, when you don’t feel like it

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Habits are getting you up when you are down. It’s something I’ve proven countless times. Habits are something you invest in today, and reap the benefits over the future, as long as you maintain them. I wouldn’t be writing this today, had I not developed the habit of writing. I am not sure would I write anything at all if it was not for this habit. Especially I would not write today, because I am not in the right frame of mind.

Reducing the pain

But by repeatedly reinforcing the habit, it just becomes your comfort zone. A place in your mind, where you feel comfortable. When you loose the pain of the action. Because action becomes your second nature.

And for the whole day I felt the pain of writing, but now as I started doing it, it flowed naturally. Even though I didn’t know what I was going to write about. My brain picked up, and he was like: “Oh, this asshole is making me do something. Let’s get it over with, so he leaves me the f**k alone”.

The more you do something, the less pain about that action you have. You kinda become numb. The gym is a good example for it. You neuroreceptors just stop caring. They’re like, a whatever, we’re used to that pain, we might as well just do it. You can’t hurt us anymore. And that’s exactly how you want to feel, on the days when you are off.

I am overcoming a big bad ass flue right now. I actually have more pain that I am not going to the gym, and it completely overcomes my feeling of pleasure, because I am not working out. It might sound crazy, but the guilt inside is eating me alive.

By repeating it, you get good at it…

Often I find myself that I can’t produce any meaningful content. It feels as it is easier to climb the mountain than to write an articulated blog post, but than I do it anyway. This way I know that my creation process is not associated with my mood. Better yet, I know that my creation process is not dependent on my mood.

When you know that your goals aren’t determined by the life’s drama, you will find certainty in your life. Certainty is something that not many people can provide, as we tend to get addicted to the life’s drama. It paralyzes us, with fear, with pain… Life’s drama is chaotic, but achieving your goals, means creating your own order.

Daily creation of content

As a digital publisher, in order to make any amount of money, you really need to dig through that keyboard with your fingers. You need to bleed yourself out a lot, and pour in hell lot of your creative energy, just to get little bit of money. Especially if you are building long term business, something that will stay after you as a legacy.

And me, I am doing it this way. Word by word. Sentence by sentence. Reader by reader. I am reaching out to you, and try to inspire you to do something with your life. I am trying to make you see in this particular case, that YES YOU CAN, even when you think you can’t.

Money making activity should be your most important habit

There are days when you just can’t be motivated, this is one of those days for me. And if I depended on motivation, my online business wouldn’t move far ahead. Instead it would have died off, long time ago.

That’s why I invested tremendous amount of willpower to create a habit of daily creation of content. I always wish I did more, but I can only think about now. I am a recovering procrastinator. And if I could do it, you can do it too.


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