The Best Chrome Extensions for Salespeople

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Up until recently, people were using internet browsers to search for important info and as a means to have fun. Times, however, have changed. Today, your browser is your workspace and your battlefield. People who work in the marketing and sales field spend 4 – 7 hours in their browser writing emails, making CRM notes and taking calls.

Currently, the most used internet browser is Google Chrome. Not because it’s the fastest app, not because it’s the easiest one, but because of its extensions and plugins. Google Chrome Market is the place to find thousands of apps and tools that will increase your productivity and make your life much easier. Just name your business, and there are dozens of plugins that can save you precious time. From that vast sea of extensions, we’ve picked some of the best for your sales business.

The Best Chrome Extensions for Sales

Must-have Chrome extensions for salespeople


Clearbit Connect for Gmail

This is a great app for personalizing your cold email campaigns. After installing it, a bar will appear on the right side of your inbox with the public social media information about your recipient. When sending out your email, all you need to do is refer to the company’s news or personal interests based on social media information and you’ll infinitely increase your odds of getting a reply.


In case you have ever wondered what happens to your emails once you send them, Docsify can provide an answer. This is a must-have email tracking tool for you. It will tell you who opened your emails and when who clicked your links and viewed your attachments. Even if you sent an email to several people, with its per-recipient tracking you will know who exactly opened it and who didn’t.

You can also prioritize your leads by the level of engagement and contact the ones who have just finished reading your documents, thanks to its inbuilt PDF tracker. In turn, your closing rate should substantially increase. 

Many other highly efficient productivity features come with Docsify too. Send Letter, Email Templates, and Auto-BBC sync with CRM, to name a few. 


FullContact is an alternative to ClearBit Connect since it also shows social media information about your recipients. We would recommend trying them both and choosing the one that suits you better since they show slightly different data.

Giphy for Gmail

This is a fun extension that can break the ice with your leads. Try setting the mood and making your recipients laugh by sending them funny GIFs. It’s been proven that approaching your leads with an ice-breaker of this sort increases the chances of successful communication. 

Checker Plus for Gmail

If you have several Gmail accounts and want to merge them into one, Checker Plus is the app for you. You can use this free plugin for easier reading of mails, even when your Gmail isn’t open. You can access it very quickly via a drop menu in Google Chrome. It gives you desktop notifications, color coding, and even voice input for writing messages.

Voila Norbert

This email finding tool is a must for any salesperson looking to connect with the right prospect. It’s very easy to use and, according to Ahrefs, has been voted the most accurate email finder. Need we say more?

Hunter is a very user-friendly extension. Simply by clicking on it while you’re visiting a certain website, you’ll get the email addresses of all employees and people that are connected to that domain. Something to note though, is that since its update a year or so ago, it no longer works with LinkedIn.


Lusha works similarly to Hunter, but includes LinkedIn support. You just open someone’s LinkedIn profile, click on Lusha, and you’ll have imported any pertinent emails and phone numbers with a high degree of accuracy in a matter of mere minutes.


This is yet another app for finding someone’s email address on LinkedIn or Twitter, but with a very different twist. Within FindThatLead, Prospector helps you find people that meet your criteria.


Crystal builds a personality profile of your lead by using public information, associated with that contact, which can be very useful in preparing your cold outreach. It is best to combine tools like Hunter, Lusha, and Crystal to get the most of their services.


This is one of the best tools for LinkedIn automation, gladly used by sales team from our Chicago digital marketing agency. It is very helpful with:

  • Auto-visiting prospects in LinkedIn
  • Auto-messaging prospects in LinkedIn
  • Making notes and tags

If you want to get the most of your search on LinkedIn, the best way is to use the premium LinkedIn plan, Sales Navigator, and Dux-Soup Pro or Dux-Soup Turbo. You can easily set dozens of parameters for your search using filters like title, country, industry, etc. and contact those people on autopilot. This way you can save between 10 and 30 hours per week. To be successful in your sales and marketing activity, it is best to know as much as possible about your lead’s company (what technologies they use, their traffic sources, their SEO position). With Dux-Soup, you can easily organize all of that info with no hassle. 


This extension allows you to focus on various points of interest, like the products your leads are using, and collect a lot of valuable data from there. You can then connect that data to your CRM.


Use SimilarWeb to get information about your prospect, such as:

  • website engagement
  • site ranking
  • traffic sources
  • related apps
  • similar websites
  • geographical spread

Data Miner

After you have collected all the valuable data about your prospect and their companies on the internet, now it is time to arrange your intel. More often than not, this proves to be a tiresome process. This is where Data Miner comes in. Simply visit a website, and in a few clicks, you have that data in your CSV or Excel document.

The Best Chrome Extensions for Salespeople

While doing work in your browser, it is often necessary to stay in constant contact with your team and prospects. Here are some of the Google Chrome extensions to help you achieve that:


Zoom is an alternative to Skype. It is one of the best tools for making calls and demos. It is much faster than Skype, offers more opportunities, such as streaming videos directly to Facebook and has higher connection quality. After downloading the desktop version of Zoom, the extension will allow you to join and create calls directly from Google Chrome.

Add-on to Trello

This app lets you create new cards, no matter which website you’re on. It is an extension of the world’s most famous and well-known app for project management. If you and your team aren’t using Trello, this is a must-have.


Point is a Chrome extension that lets you share links with friends and colleagues. It is very easy to use. You just need to highlight things you wish to share and tag your friends.

People say time is money, and that statement stands today more than ever. Productivity is the art of making the most of your time. If you find the need to write faster, without typos, or to find new ways to save your time by sending short videos rather than long paragraphs of text, the following apps are hand-picked for you.


This is a free app that checks your blog posts, LinkedIn articles, emails or any written document without having to put them into a Word document before unleashing them on the world. 


Videos are a more engaging and faster way of processing information than reading a huge email or lengthy article. Just click two buttons and start recording. Use Loom to email them to prospects, easily warming up the conversation.

Here are some other notable Chrome extensions you may find useful:

Snovio – for finding emails

PipeDrive CRM for Gmail – for managing Pipedrive leads directly in Gmail

Basecamp Notifier – for being notified about the activity of your Basecamp Accounts

Strict Workflow – for being focused on your work

Forest – for avoiding losing time checking Facebook

Google Keep – for taking notes

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