Automatization of backing up important information into Evernote

Brian Bojan Dordevic
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How many emails a day you get? I stopped counting after the constant influx of over 100.  If you are into Social Media, you most likely have Facebook, Twitter and most recently Google Plus.  It leads to a lot of email notifications storming your inbox. We can’t keep up with all those informations.

If you have Gmail you are in luck, because it got a great feature of filtering incoming emails!  First of all you will want to create labels.  Some of the labels I’ve got include: Online Bills, Sensitive information, Social Media, Personal…  When I think about it, I have a lot.

For all those labels that are distracting, they are hidden by default, so they never show up by themselves. I have to manually check them, by clicking a button and actually going to the label itself.  This makes me focus on what’s really important, so the email load that I deal during the day is rather small.

Additional tip for Google plus users is to keep their personal emails separated from their Google plus account. For some this may be counter intuitive, but… It’s a huge time saver.  I hate that red flashing number poping up at my right corner and drawing away my attention.  And to make matter worse, it’s not only on Gmail, it also integrates into all of Google Accounts…. This is the step 1 and some guy on Youtube made a good tutorial on how to setup filters and use them:


Since we’re mentioning filters, there is one more awesome filter you can use.  Some of emails I know I would save in my Evernote regardless of what happens.  For example billing information rom my Credit Card provider.  Those kind of informations I automatically save in my Evernote as a measure of precaution and for future reference.

This way all of my mailing processes are automated and I can actually deal with all the incoming  emails with great help of rules and automation.

So instead of writing complete guides myself I will link you to the tutorial that will help you out:

How to forward emails into Evernote

What is your secret trick for handling emails?

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