Smartphone Desktop Experience And Its Impact

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This is an excerpt from BGR article on 10 features of Samsung Galaxy S8 that you won’t find on any iPhone. Piece itself is pretty interesting, but I want to cut to the chase about the most impressive part:

With the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, consumers inch closer to a future without any need for traditional computers.

Samsung’s new DeX Station accessory allows users to dock their Galaxy S8 or S8+ and connect it to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. The desktop-optimized Android experience is lightning fast — it actually looks and feel a lot like Chrome OS, for obvious reasons. While any app is accessible in desktop mode, Samsung’s own apps have been optimized for the Desktop Experience. Some third-party apps have as well, most notably Microsoft’s mobile Office suite.

This is the biggest news in tech this season. Being able to dock your smartphone and use it as a laptop is astonishing novelty, one that will transform the future of productivity, and move us towards the single device and tech minimalism. I yearn for the day, when my iPhone will be the only device I own.

I expect that it will be a year or two before Apple catches on, with a working version of desktop experience on a mobile device. In the meanwhile I will carefully observe the progress that Samsung carves out.


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