Why Video Content Business Is Important in 2016 and Beyond

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Video Content Business Matters

The 2016 and upcoming 2017 will have higher emphasis on the video content. As such, my focus as a content production moves in this direction. People don’t like to read, and they do enjoy watching. Watching allows us to experience a broader spectrum of communication, as we can experience body language and facial expressions. This also allows you to take advantage of the video platforms like YouTube, enabling you access to the audience that otherwise wouldn’t find you.

That being said, I feel that I will “get out there”, and expose myself to the public at large, and keep creating these videos. This won’t be my first venture into the field, as it is fairly difficult to get rid of the performance anxiety. I’ve already started doing this on my personal gmail account, created a few very interesting videos. If you are curious, feel free to take a look.

Why Video Matters To You Personally?

However, creating simple videos where you can amplify your written content, and narrate it, than hit publish, will also amplify your message, and potential for a bigger audience. It is yet another medium to help you increase your visibility, through a different touch point. This content recycling can also help you with podcasts, and other forms of content. Media engagement is becoming everything for me. Every single opportunity through the day, I want to use to get myself out there, and I am not alone. There are thousands and thousands of other people that are trying to accomplish the very same thing, every single day.

In all probability, I will stick to talking about marketing, digital media, personal branding… I’ve already started producing small amounts of content on my Periscope. These are pretty much freestyle videos, where I hash out whatever comes to my mind at any given point, and I definitively hope to make more of those. Wish that there were more hours of the day, so I could strictly focus on creating videos and increasing my exposure.

Simplifying video creation – the gear

Video is very gear dependent. You can’t create videos without a camera and a tripod. I think that my focus on iPhone as my flagship phone is definitively simplifying the content creation process for me. A helpful item in this case is definitively Hisy and my Apple watch, as I can start and end videos without running around the camera. This saves me a couple of video edits for every video that I create.

I believe that Tripod is absolutely essential part of your gear, and the one that I bought early 2016, works well with iPhone 7. Check the link, the price of $25 makes it very affordable, and I believe it’s better than the other ones in the Apple Stores.

Other than that, only camera that I will use in the future will be iPhone 7+ camera. I wrote a decent length review of the new iPhone, but I never managed to draft it properly, and felt like it came short of my own expectations of it. But should be available pretty soon on AlphaEfficiency blog.

The Software

My software experience is pretty poor, as I haven’t moved past iMovie. Ultimately, I don’t wish to become a video producer, but just a person that shoots short vids, that I can share with friends, family and AlphaEfficiency audience. The message is far more important than the editing, so my videos will get better over time. Perhaps if this piece becomes popular, and you folks keep finding it through Google, I’ll update this section, with the tools that I will use at the time, but I believe for the sake of starting the video, the simple iMovie or very basic video software that comes with video should do the trick. The point is to create something, and publish, not sweat the details.

Final Thoughts and Action List

When it comes to achieving the Alpha Lifestyle video is definitively one of its components. Never will you be able to amass the audience that will carry you through to the financial freedom, unless you get courage to do the things that others won’t, or don’t have the courage to do. Be the pioneer, video is definitively raising the bar, and there are definitively less people out there creating videos, than there are people blogging.

Action list is simple:

  • Get a video powered smartphone (iPhone)
  • Get a tri-pod
  • Have some sort of a tool that will help you start and pause the video editing
  • Get a YouTube Account
  • Start publishing!

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