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As with everything Alpha Efficiency, there is a lifestyle that defines it. The rough outline should give you an idea on whom you should become to achieve your highest potential by achieving the Alpha Lifestyle.

What it takes to live the Alpha Lifestyle?

Achieving all concepts of Alpha Lifestyle at the same time is a pure art form for the majority of the people. It will require you to handle a few things simultaneously, such as:

  • Great Masculine Health
  • Having a business
  • Circumventing the starting point
  • Working less with more focus
  • Knowing how to enjoy the fruits of your work

Defining the Alpha Health

The starting point to living it comes from the very foundation of your well-being taken care of. All health is under the attack from the collective society, but males health is especially endangered.

alpha lifestyle

Modern culture is extremely damaging to men, as it is attacking our very masculinity. You can not live the Alpha lifestyle if you do not have your health in the right direction. The fact is that we are living sedentary lifestyles, and that we’re working with our minds, we can not forget that the impact that our bodies have on the quality of our life. Average American male testosterone level rapidly declined over the last 20 years. This dramatic change in the overall lifestyle means that in just two generations we’ve made some generally tragic health choices to our bodies. Evolutionary they are still designed for the prehistoric times, and as such, the modern lifestyle is decimating our health and mental wellbeing.

With the cultural devolution going on in the western civilization, masculinity is on the steady decline, and the big part of this is a very poor culture of physical health. This is an issue that no one is tackling in the west. With the change in the body chemistry of the individuals at scale, we are having a change in the complete society for the worse. Society can’t be healthy if it consists of sick and obese individuals. The testament to the sickness of the society are various “body positivity” movements, that are promoting degradation and acceptance of people who are inept at living. These movements are gaining traction because it becomes easier for these unhealthy individuals to plea for acceptance than to tackle their sickness, creating the virtue out of sickness.

If your testosterone is on the decline, you are not having optimal performance. Your mind is being passive, it is less alert, it does not provide you the necessary motivation to achieve greatness. Anyone who doesn’t take care of his physique is not living the Alpha lifestyle, but more importantly, lives a weaker, less enjoyable life overall.

Unfortunately the social normative will prevent you from realizing what is a healthy archetype of a male. Ideal physique is hard to accomplish, however, distinguishing the healthy male from the unhealthy one is not that difficult. You will need to venture to the gym in order to see it, because outside of it, it rarely exists. If you aren’t packing muscle mass, have over 30% body fat, with an underdeveloped upper body, you are not a healthy male. Your mind is sick and polluted. Always keep in mind that Males with low testosterone are more likely to die.

Therefore the only logical conclusion is that as a man you really need to put emphasis on your health and testosterone, as your life literally depends on it.

Having your own business

If you are relying on your labor income alone, you will never achieve the freedom and flexibility required to live gloriously. When talking about business, I am not referring to being a slave to your company, but rather finding market inefficiencies, exploiting them, and enjoying the free time. In the rise of the niche markets, it will take years, if not decades in some cases, where your niches (pay attention to plural) won’t be attacked, enabling you a lifestyle income, where you don’t need to work a lot, and still have a very sustainable finance to support you.

Of course , the type of businesses I am talking about here are strictly online, as they require mostly your own time, and are easily scalable. Another reason why I advocate for online businesses is due to the fact that it forces you to learn new skills. You need design work done, and you can’t afford it, you teach yourself photoshop. Your WordPress website is broken, instead of hiring a developer for $100 an hour, you fix it yourself, and learn a marketable skill in the process.

alpha lifestyle

The single biggest career shift in my life, I owe to this very website. The fact that it was visible, made people find me and created job opportunities that were specifically tailored to me. This website has directly generated me over $50 000 worth of income, and it continues to generate active and passive revenues for the years to come.

Striving for passive income

One thing I’ve learned about passive income is that is increasingly difficult to generate amounts of money needed to cover all of your expenses. While you are building your business, you may choose to work in a company, or you can decide to freelance. I’ve tried both models, and both of them have pros and cons. Whichever model you choose, you need to make a firm decision that it is only temporary until you reach a point where it is no longer required to work for someone else.

Freelancing from home doesn’t cover your health benefits, and you don’t get to spend time with human beings, thus leading you to some form of isolationism that doesn’t sit well with our psychology. On the other hand working from home is dramatically more productive if you treat it seriously. Personally, I’ve invested a lot of money to furnish the home office, and treated it like a professional environment, where I would change my mindset, and condition myself to work in it. It helped me tremendously. You will have bonus points if you are home alone, and don’t have any interruptions.

The value of passive income is so big, that it’s big beyond measure. In order to fully understand it, you would need some real world comparison. But I’ll try to narrow down on it as much as humanly possible. In one sentence.

“Value of $1 of recurring passive income is equivalent to $10 of active income.”

alpha lifestyle

If your passive income manages to provide you with the coverage of 50% of your life expenses, you’ll have 50% more time to live with it. Imagine that you only need to work 3 or 4 hours per day. When you need to work only 50% of the time and the other 50% of the time you can invest in yourself, your knowledge and future expansion, your life radically transforms.

Now imagine the next level: not working at all for your income, and enjoying the absolute freedom. Or just actively working one or two hours a day. How much faster would you be able to move?

See, people work their entire life to reach the retirement, where they will enjoy the fruits of the lifetime of their labor. Arriving there early, and enjoying a lifetime of youth is bringing a whole different ballgame to the table. It’s a lifestyle not imaginable by many. Not being in a position where you need to depend on your own time for your livelihood is falling in the realm of science fiction, and you probably would like to have a 5-year plan in order to get there. But it’s possible, especially if you start out early.

Circumventing the starting point

More often than not, we’re born with less privilege than the environment we’re comparing ourselves to. This puts people in despair, as they cling on to the belief that just because they are not born under the lucky star, the life is never going to be kind to them. If you subscribe to this way of thinking, you are suffering from a limiting belief and self-deprecation.

There is more than enough time in our days, which we could be utilizing to bring us to at least one level beyond our predetermined destiny. You can change the natural course of action, if you decide to make some sacrifices, and decide to introduce discipline in your life.

Obliterating the boundaries of your life through the sheer power of will is what I call “Circumventing the starting point”. You are skipping the biological, and class determinism in favor of something greater than yourself.

alpha lifestyle

There is nothing more awesome in life than finding yourself in the place where, if the natural order of things took place, you would never find yourself in. Tried and proven Alpha’s always put themselves in the positions where if they didn’t take the time and energy to do what is necessary , they would never find themselves in the desired position.

It’s also one of the sweetest feelings. As you are climbing up the ladders of the civilization, you will realize that the battle towards the top is getting easier and easier, as competition pool is in fact shrinking. There are so many people that are enjoying their place in the world, and accepting it as their birth right. They get very upset when there is an outsider, that is better, faster and more intelligent than they are, takes their place. This causes certain envy, and this envy is a direct consequence of the fact that you are demolishing the natural order of things.

Working Less With More Focus

As I’ve previously talked about the passive income, as a method of working less, I will tackle another issue where you can learn to extract the maximum out of your time spent on work. There are books written on the productivity benefits of Deep Work, but they are nothing compared to the non-material benefits of satisfaction that come out of this type of work.

Achieving high levels of focus will enable you to enter the flow. In this era of multi-tasking, the human beings are almost becoming unemployable, as our brains are wired to seek the shallow, immediately gratifying actions, preventing us from doing the things that ultimately make a difference. Hence we get stuck in the endless vortex of emails, instant messages, and notifications because that is what brain is rewarding us for. In order to change the outcome of our nature, we need to learn to relax and single task. This alone will allow us to create work that majority of Twitter generation is actively working on destroying: the capacity to produce quality work.

alpha lifestyle

Working less means batching everything, and doing one thing at the time. True Alpha will never forget the damage that multi-tasking leaves on his brain. No person will be immune to the destructive force of multi tasking behind life in early 21st century, however, just because it’s hard to defeat it, that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth fighting for. Quite the opposite.

Not succumbing to the distractions means that you will get dramatically more work done, in less time, and you will keep your mental health in a much better shape. That’s why keeping focus, fighting distractions and enjoying single tasking will yield such amazing results. Because, if you single task, and you don’t get more done, at least you will be able to enjoy the mental benefits of being able to concentrate on one thing at the time. It’s a skill, and you need to develop it. When your natural focus baseline is at much higher level than your environment, you will be able to compete at a higher level.

Knowing How To Enjoy Life

Efficiency, technology, and materialism are all for nothing if you don’t know how to reward yourself. With the advent of technology, the majority of our natural obstacles that used to define our lifestyle, even going back 100 000 years ago, are not a part of our reality anymore. We have liberated so much time, that we need to do a fraction of what we used to do in order to survive.

Probability is, if you are living in the western civilization, you have the basic necessities taken care of, such as physiological needs, personal safety, sense of belonging and self-esteem, thus you can afford to pursue the higher pleasures that come from life.

What I’ve learned is that these values don’t need to be expensive and complicated, but instead, simple and gratifying. First of all,  pleasures should be social and shared. When you are sharing the pleasures with your peer group, you are bonding and generate group memories. Enjoying things by yourself is fleeting and doesn’t help your social life.

The second thing about enjoying life is about being present and mindful. Internet is talking about mindfulness all the time, but seems like the pressures from our jobs, and daily grind is preventing us from achieving that state of mindfulness. Mindfulness, especially when you are enjoying yourself, is drastically increasing the pleasure you are deriving from the activity. Being scattered minded is ultimately decimating your investment, and diminishing the enjoyment from your life.

The third thing that would help increase your enjoyment out of life would be avoidance of discomfort. Pushing yourself into a state where you are moving into prolonged periods of time where you are discomforted, like a transatlantic flight, exposure to jet lag, going to bed far later than what you are used to, not getting enough sleep, going hungry for prolonged periods of time and similar issues, are definitively not contributing towards a pleasurable and enjoyable life. These activities need to yield much greater financial and other benefits in order to be justified. No matter how small they may look like, discomforts are a huge bane to our mental well-being, as they are depleting our will power, throw us out of our balance. These discomforts shouldn’t be mistaken with activities where we willingly pursue discomfort, such as working out, where discomfort is actually pleasurable and helps us elevate our health and well being.

Now, those were the three things that help us get the most out of the basic pleasures in life, that could even improve our day to day performance. These work the best when you couple them with activities such as: going to the gym, drinking a cup of coffee with a friend, having a meal (or sex) with your loved one, going to the gym and swimming, when you are having sex, etc.

But then there is a second tier of pleasures, a part of them is still largely inaccessible to most of the population. Things such as traveling comfortably, having a maid that takes care of your house all the time, additional comfort when taking an airplane with extended leg room / sleeping, etc, getting a hotel room with a view, and many, many other pleasures.

What are the benefits of living the Alpha Lifestyle

I’d argue that Alpha lifestyle is life lived in such a way, that you will try to extract the maximum potential out of your life. While aspirations of the Alpha will yield benefits such as health, free time and other luxuries that are scarce for common working class, there is a benefit of increased security in old age.

Security in old age comes due to the fact that we have property rights, and we accumulate wealth through life. Property rights are defined by the power of the system, and will take place as long as the power structure upholds. So investing only based on materialism is not the only way to go. You will be able to bring up younger generations, provide them with guidance on their way up, and have a beneficial network of young individuals ready to help you at times should you falter. This takes time and direct investment into people, with no expectations of actual returns.

Business As A Catalyst

All of this is not possible without building a business. Company or a team that you grow will carry your lifestyle into the realm of possible, and will help you think at the higher level, with a more developed sense of responsibility, not only for yourself but for all of your team members as well. Numerous times you will sacrifice your own profits, just so you can feed the families of people that are working for you.

But without people that are providing the leverage for the growth in the lifecycle of the business, it is impossible to achieve the lifestyle that warrants you enough energy and time to pursue greatness. This is one of the reasons why Alpha Efficiency will cover topics that are at the intersection of productivity, business ideas, management and other things that will breathe life into your company.

Your next steps

Empowered with the knowledge of the life’s potential, you need to come up with a plan. This plan will be a product of you soul searching for the feasible solution that you can execute on. All ideas are great, but there are some ideas that are better for you than others, simply because you can successfully act on them.

For some, the gym will work in regards to improving their health, but for others, it will only imply pain and discomfort. Others will find pleasure in the fact that they can attend group classes for working out, and get social while improving their health…

In a social environment, you will quickly realize that you don’t click with all people. You enjoy working with some people more than others, and this pleasure contributes to better productivity. One aspect that is in my opinion fairly important when it comes to Building a business

Finally, taking steps to ensure enjoyment out of life, and knowing how to recharge will work differently for everyone, and might take trial and error. It is a component of daily life that is important to tackle even before we reach our destination of actually living the Alpha Lifestyle because it is one of the enabling factors. Even when we don’t have what we need exactly, working towards this goal is essential, as it gives you a daily motivation to plow through towards your dreams and fulfillment.


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