Night Owl vs Early Bird

Brian Bojan Dordevic
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Brian Dordevic

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Who achieves higher levels of productiviy? Night owls or early birds?

I have been reading about circadian rhythms and it’s connection to the Pineal Gland. What I’ve found simply amazes me. These kind of information aren’t readily available to the general public, but they are of the outmost importance to the way we live and operate.

It amazes me that we don’t study in school this sort of things. I would introduce a subject in the mandatory schooling that would teach the kids how their body operates and functions. That would lead to the increase in personal care, through the sane and smart decision making process.

Impact of these information on productivity is immense. I am still trying to conclude wheather the night owls can or can not be productive. Since I started working, I found that this rhythm of waking up early and being active throughout the day feels good to my body.

But on the other hand being the night owl brought the certain benefits as well. Having the night for yourself, when there are no distractions proved to be the best working environment. I remember going to bed as late as 6 am, and had periods of life waking up as early as 5 am.

Both systems have their benefits and downfalls, but it predominately is determined by your lifestyle. I also encountered that majority of my generation is staying up late. Most of my friends, who aren’t working are never awake prior to noon. That is changing my social life to an extent, because I can’t be in contact with my friends who are night owls, and all of the sudden I became an early bird.

Apart from this disparity affecting my social life, it also shifted my working hours. While I was working in First Beat Media, my working hours were from 3 PM to 11PM. My productivity while I was working for them, was disastrous. That was even prior to the birth of this blog, so I can’t take that really into consideration.

Now before I get some hard facts on this I can only share my personal opinions on this subject. Being a night owl or an early riser seems to depend deeply on your lifestyle. Either one of those might affect your lifestyle, but this will wary from a person to person.

From what I know about circadian rhythms, we always predominantly affect them with artificial lightning. So it’s role in our day – night cycle dominates our reality, but from the apparent evidence, that is something that we can hack.

So I am not buying into those stories of disturbing the day – night cycle will lead you to worse productivity. Not just yet. As I am passionate about the topic, only as I can be, I will give those early risers and night owls a definitive answer.

My opinion is that both could work, but before I jump to the further research I would love to know your opinion. Make this article better, share your thoughts in the comments.

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