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As I think of AlphaEfficiency, I begin to understand that this magazine is not written for everyone. The concepts of productivity transcend the traditional task management. The creation of this magazine started in the vacuum of my mind, but venturing outside, observing other successful people have helped me identify peak performance. Dig deeper on the characteristics of the top performers.

Satisfy certain criteria:

1. Your IQ needs to be 120 or above. If you don’t have above average IQ, learning all the success techniques will prove to render little to no results. Competition in the high performance arena requires strong intellect as a pre-requisite, otherwise, you will just never reach the level, at which you will be able to compete with your will power. Even when you are smart, there will always be people smarter than you. Just because someone has more talent, that doesn’t mean that you can’t beat him. If your IQ doesn’t meat the quota, before moving out with the advice from this magazine and blog, I strongly suggest you invest in boosting your brain’s modus operandi on a day to day basis. There are numerous ways that will help you get your brain to the competitive level.

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– The reason for this is simple: If you aren’t quick to learn in an ever-shifting world, you will always be left out of the race. The world of innovation is moving at this space. Luckily, IQ is not a constant, and the earlier you invest into getting smarter, you will reap the life long benefits of having an edge in life. Out of all the factors needed to be the Alpha, this one is so deeply rooted in genetics, that it is probably the most difficult obstacle for those that weren’t genetically gifted. People with high IQ often can’t understand why average people can’t do the things that they are capable of.

2. Discipline – If you lack discipline to execute and (mono) single task, you will never be able to rise up to the top. Beside IQ, discipline and focus are almost equally important trait of Alpha efficient individuals. Bringing focus at will, creating environments where you will create, despite the ever shifting drama of our lives is taking its toll.

3. You need high testosterone levels – Having healthy levels of testosterone is critical for maintaining the hormonal chemistry that impacts Alpha-like mindset. You can’t pretend to be the Alpha, you need to embody it in order to achieve the levels of self confidence that come from physical ability. Physical ability alone isn’t a factor that will drive you through the society, but it will give you the idea of what is possible when you have it. It will allow you to radiate energy that will help other people comfortable, or uncomfortable, depending on the situation. It will instill the sense of being a go-getter, instead of being a passive mind, dependent on the force of others, instead of your own. This specific hormonal chemistry in your body will foster the physical elements needed to think differently. I believe that single biggest benefit of testosterone is its ability to suppress the negative emotions of weakness and stress. Men that are the healthier breeze through stress like it’s nothing. Your capacity to endure unpleasant feelings is much higher with high T. In a nutshell, when you grow bigger with your muscle mass, you won’t be a pussy anymore.

4. You need to be socially intelligent – No success happens in the vacuum. Your success is based on the fact that you can successfully cooperate with other successful individuals around you. But being socially intelligent means more than just socializing. When you are social, you can understand how feelings impact actions, what is the moral of the group, the rules that the groups internalize and the underlaying power structure. It does not mean only having friends, but also understanding the social dynamics that are outlining the foundation of the social life.

Being Alpha Efficient individual means being a strong, intelligent, social and a disciplined person. 3 out of 4 of these traits are the attributes that are almost completely dependent of working on oneself. Even intelligence can be gamed. I am a firm believer that an individual can accomplish whatever he wants if he or she wishes it enough to make the sacrifices needed to reach to the top. Even if one doesn’t, pushing your limits, will allow you to exceed your limitations.


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