Saying Hello from the Seaside (Technology Always In The Luggage)

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Well, guys, I am on vacation. I managed to pack everything in a single backpack, and that included my laptop, tablet, and phone. Love packing lightly, but still managed to bring the entire of my gadgetry. Didn’t wanna go minimalistic, I want to get some quality work done on my book, in the moments when I can. Well, I am so laid back and out of my character. The holiday is an awesome time for catching up on your Read it later materials, come up with new ideas and recharge batteries for the rest of the year. A tune for the summer days:

Sometimes I forget the power of traveling and how much it impacts our internal world. Going on a vacation is a necessity rather than a pleasure. And people don’t give up on this necessity. Being laid back and not think about work at all is an important part of your work-rest cycle. Vacation is your earned freedom, and you should enjoy it to your fullest. So sending you once more best regards from Pula, Croatia. I am having some lazy days, but I promise when I come back, there will be more awesome content oozing trough Alpha Efficient RSS feed.

– Update 2019-12-31

Packing the gear was one of the essential things where ever I was going. Looking back on this post, no matter how trivial it was, reminded me how deep of a connection I have to my technology. To this very day, I still don’t miss an opportunity to bring my laptop “just in case.” Historically, bringing my iPad would mean that I don’t use it; these days, I feel like I just let my laptop sit in the bag.


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