Photo Screen Comparison between iPad Air 2 vs iPad Pro 9.7 inch

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Casual walk over to the Apple store, and I had my iPad Air 2 with me, coupled with awesome logitech ultra thin keyboard. And I’ve decided to make a few comparisons to see how far iPad Pro progressed compared to my current device. Previously I didn’t really take a deeper look at the spec difference between the two devices. But after seeing the screen to screen comparison, I’ve felt compelled to look at the other bumps. I was kinda surprised that the processor itself got dramatically bumped up to 2.2 ghz, putting it at the same level with most laptops that are coming out these days.

Think that one of the reasons why I never considered iPad Pro as a serious upgrade, is due to the lack of the upgrade of the RAM. It feels like a same device, that wouldn’t be able to perform smoother. My device to device comparison of leaving the home screen and entering/leaving the applications proved that there is no true smoothness on the new iPad Pro. Feels like my iPhone 6s+ is performing day to day graphics smoother than the new Pro, and this is probably due to the smaller screen size.

Than again, not scientific, just what I’ve seen from the display unit, and my own phone. I think my own devices go through more wear and tear than display units at the Apple store, ha. For me, this perception of stuttering on the new device, tells me that smoothness is not there yet, and that smoothness is my “wow factor”, in the decision making process, of getting a new device. Therefore I didn’t feel compelled enough to transition to something that is marginally better. However, I feel, if I had more resources, and iPad Air 2 had a better trade in value, my decision making process would probably be dramatically different.

So let’s put the words aside, and let the picture do the talking.


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