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Lately I’ve been really powering through my blogging on personal website. I’ve simplified it to its absolute bare bones in order to maximize the production of content. And in order to accomplish that I’ve brought my blogging to a single tool: “Drafts 4”. (As seen on my guide Word Factory)

Drafts is a simple note taking tool that supports awesome sharing features, and makes my blogging as simple as tweeting. As I am blogging on self hosted WordPress, it requires a small setup. You need a jetpack publishing plugin and account that will allow you to email yourself a post.


Subject of the post will be the title of the article, and the body will be content. I mangle through it with markdown syntax and amazing Text Expander snippets.

At this point blogging seems like texting a good friend more than like a chore. It is especially convenient when you can do it from the comfort of your own couch, while resting from the hard days work. Removing the entry barrier away from the process turns your blog into very easily accessible platform that is a pleasure to maintain. Truly different kind of feeling, one that helped me bridge the blogging block.

Blogging shouldn’t be hard, it should be as effortless as any other mindless activity that we practice on our smartphones. It just requires a tiny bit of setup!


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