5 Levels of the Alpha Fulfillment

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Throughout my life self development was always one of the dominant areas of focus. But up until recently, the building blocks of my harmony never seemed to “click” at the same time. There was always a segment missing. But when you start living in tune with these 5 basic fulfillments your path starts clarifying.

Approaching life with clarity, means living your fullest potential.

Physical fulfillment – taking care of your only temple

Alpha always take care of his body, treats it like a temple. Alpha knows that the physical energy is a foundational stone of his life, and never stops investing in his health and raw physical energy. He than uses that energy to secure all the rest fulfillment’s in his journey.

It does not mean that he only works out, it also means that he is paying attention to his nutrition and sleep. Well energized Alpha is well built, attracts other people through superb physical appearance and high inner energy that radiates from within. He feels comfortable in his body.

Financial fulfillment – Accumulated labour energy

Alpha knows that the usual road of having a job is not enough in modern economy. He is always working on obtaining more than he already has. He is looking into the future and has a project, or even multiple projects on the side that diversify his income.

He is minimalistic in his spending, but also capable of indulging himself into buying things that make him happy. He strives to possession minimalism, because excess of objects clutter his mind.

Emotional fulfillment and Love

Alpha is capable of being selfless giver without reserve, but also intelligent about his emotional relationships. He is wise in the relationships he builds, and he makes sure that his friends and lovers are in alignment with his long term life goals.

All those relationships are win-win scenario, where both ends are receiving more than they are giving. Deep understanding of his peers lets him be indispensable resource and council giver to his closest environment. He is a true leader of his peer group.

Intelectual fulfillment

Alpha never stops challenging himself to take on new intellectual challenges that will keep his mind sharp. He is in a constant quest to take on something new, and conquer another intellectual frontier. He is fearless and energized to use his brain to the fullest potential.

He regularly works his mind, either by keeping a journal, reading tons of books, coding or constantly improving his knowledge.

Spiritual fulfillment

He recognizes the existence of God in a way known to him, either through organized religion or agnosticism. He is in touch with the nature around him, and feels in tune with the infinity of the cosmic dance.

He is aware of the limited time he has at his disposal, but not afraid of utilizing it in the best way known to him. He is connected with God through purpose that he designed for himself on this world.

Final words

The path to Alpha fulfillment is slow process and the length of time required to reach it primarily is determined by where you are right now, and how fast you can implement the principles that can get you there fastest. It’s ultimately your path if you decide to take it. It involves doing a lot of your own thinking, making compromises with yourself and paying the price in advance.

And it’s unique to you! As an individual you have unique challenges in front of yourself. People that are around you, your current socio-economic situation, your current education level. All of those are a part of your path. Embrace it, do what you can, with what you have, and opportunities will present themselves, when you are ready for them.

Let your mind take you to where you want to go.


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